Our Vision

We envision a creative and inspired society in which everyone recognizes that they can define their future, and is empowered to maximize their impact.

What we do

MassChallenge is the most startup-friendly accelerator on the planet. No equity and not-for-profit, we are obsessed with helping entrepreneurs across any industry. We also reward the highest-impact startups through a competition to win a portion of several million dollars in equity-free cash awards. Through our global network of accelerators in Boston, London, Jerusalem, Lausanne and Mexico City and unrivaled access to our corporate partners, we can have a massive impact - driving growth and creating value the world over.

Our Mission

Catalyze a startup renaissance.

The startup renaissance is a rebirth of the creative and inspired society that challenges old conventions and strives primarily to create new value, instead of obsessing over extracting from what already exists. It's a world in which everyone recognizes that he or she can define the future, and is empowered to maximize impact.

Modern entrepreneurship is a global endeavor and this renaissance spans geographical and cultural boundaries.


Our Objectives

  • Promote innovation, collaboration and commercialization
  • Address the seed-stage investment gap, empowering novice entrepreneurs
  • Provide educational opportunities for entrepreneurs
  • Showcase entrepreneurship assets and infrastructure locally, nationally and internationally

Why now?

The global economy is in transition. Innovation is disrupting the status quo. Technology is converging across industries and transforming the way we do business. Shifting technology has rendered many business models obsolete while at the same time creating new industries that spawn new jobs. These are the very raw materials required for new business generation, and technological advancement is also enabling whole new categories of businesses.By investing now in innovation and entrepreneurship, we can transform whole industries and define the next generation of economic growth engines.

What's missing today?

The world is full of great ideas, but only a few become reality. Novice entrepreneurs require advice, resources and funding to bring their ideas to fruition. Currently there is a gap between the resources these entrepreneurs need and the ability of the entrepreneurial ecosystem to provide them.

The Solution

We are addressing this gap by launching the most startup-friendly accelerator and competition. We use the power of competition to create urgency, and to identify and aggregate high-impact teams and resources. We strengthen and accelerate entrepreneurs by providing them high-quality, personalized mentorship and by connecting them to potential team members, advisors, customers, and sponsors.


Impact over Equity

As an independent not-for-profit, we value impact over equity, and are solely motivated to support and strengthen entrepreneurs.
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