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MassChallenge Israel is the first official MassChallenge program outside Boston.

MassChallenge Israel

  • The mission of MassChallenge Israel is to enable top-tier Israeli startups to access global markets by connecting them with the very best people and organizations in the Boston entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • There are no strings attached to the MassChallenge program
  • MassChallenge does not take equity from the startups we support or place any restrictions on the winners


With the help of Israeli mentors and judges, MassChallenge Israel will identify the highest-potential startups in Israel to participate in the MassChallenge accelerator in Boston. During the four-month accelerator period, Israeli startups will have access to world-class mentorship, a top-tier community of several hundred entrepreneurs, education, training, networking events, free office space, and a chance to win a piece of the $1M in cash prizes. These startups will be able to return to Israel after the MassChallenge accelerator with new sales channels, investors, mentors, and growth that wouldn't otherwise be feasible.


Your company must be a seed- or early-stage startup. As we define it, this means you probably haven’t raised over $500K of investment, and probably don’t have more than $1M in annual revenue. You can still apply if you exceed these guidelines – a special judging panel will review your application to determine if you are 'early stage.' 
To qualify for the separate entry process for Israeli startups in the 2014 MassChallenge Accelerator, your startup must currently be headquartered full-time in the State of Israel AND 50% or more of your full-time employees must currently reside full-time in the State of Israel.

Judging Process

Online judging.
Your application will be reviewed online by multiple judges. After Round 1 is complete, you will receive scoring and feedback provided by these judges. Round 1 judging will take several weeks with notification of results on or around May 3. Early-bird applicants do not receive an early decision or feedback.
In-person judging.
The top applications will be invited to pitch in-person to panels of judges in Israel on specific dates that will be arranged between May 7 and 14. Although in-person pitching is strongly recommended, those who cannot get to the in-person pitch may pitch via Video Skype. Following Round 2 judging, the selected finalists will be invited to participate in the MassChallenge 2014 Accelerator Program in Boston that beings in June.



Accelerator Program

Israeli startups invited to participate in the 2014 Accelerator will relocate to Boston from June through October and will receive the same access, benefits and support as all other startups. 

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