How To Apply

MassChallenge applications involve creating a Startup Profile, paying the application fee, and submitting an application.

MassChallenge 2016

MassChallenge Applications are in two cycles:

Jun-Oct Cycle:  MassChallenge Boston, Israel and Switzerland are open from February 9 - April 1, 2016. The 2016 early bird deadline is March 2.

Applications are reviewed online by expert judges following the application deadline (04/1).

Sept-Dec Cycle: MassChallenge UK and Mexico applications are open from May 19 - June 30.


Step 1. Register & Complete A User Profile

The first step in applying is to register on the MassChallenge website, creating your user profile containing your basic contact information.

Click here to apply!

Step 2. Create a Startup Profile

Create a startup profile with basic information about your startup, which will be displayed on the MassChallenge website (unless you mark your startup profile as stealth).

After you create your profile, you can manage all next steps of the application from your Startup Dashboard. Note that you can apply to MassChallenge with multiple startups, all from one user profile. For each startup, you must create a separate startup profile, pay a separate application fee, and create a separate application. Each startup will be judged independently.

Step 3. Pay the Application Fee

Paying the Application Fee enables several next steps:
  • The ability to create and submit your application online (you may download, review, and even start working offline on your application before paying)
  • Publishing your startup profile on the MassChallenge website
  • Submitting names/emails of individuals who can be references for your application
  • Submitting credit codes you may have received from MassChallenge sponsors or other organizations, enabling you to receive a refund of part (or possibly even all) of your application fee
The 2016 Application Fee for the Jun-Oct Cycle, paid by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx) is: $49 (USD) - early bird, submit by March 3. $99 (USD) - standard, submit between March 4 - April 1.
Note: You will be charged the standard fee when you pay; if you then SUBMIT your application by the Early Bird Deadline, you will be automatically credited. 
Any credit codes you submit will be processed and your credit card will be refunded the amount represented by your credit codes. If you have problems regarding payment, send us a note.

Step 4. Complete and Submit Your Application

Once you have paid the Application Fee, you may start to edit and complete your Application online (you may download, review, and even start working offline on your application before paying, and then paste them into the online form later – questions are here, but please note the character limits stated with each question on the application.)
You may continue to update and revise your answers in your Application up until you submit your Application. Once you submit your Application, you are no longer able to edit it.
If you submit your application by the Early Bird deadline of March 2 you will receive an automatic Early Bird Credit of $50 (but you will not be able to edit it once you submit). The final deadline for application submission is March 31 (EXTENDED: April 1 Noon ET). No applications will be accepted following this application deadline.
Although your startup profile is published on the MassChallenge web site, the information in your application is not published on the MassChallenge website; it is only viewed by the judges.

Optional Steps

After you pay the Application Fee, there are several optional steps you may take.

Promote Your Startup Profile

Once your startup profile is published on the MassChallenge web site we strongly encourage you to promote that you have applied to MassChallenge. Use MassChallenge as a platform to help attract attention to your startup. Tweet, post on Facebook, blog – make some noise!

If you choose to keep your startup profile in “Stealth”* mode it will not be published on the MassChallenge website.

Request References

After you pay the application fee you may submit the names and email addresses of one or more individuals who you would like to act as references for you and your Startup.

Please note that references are optional but provide additional data points to evaluate the application. Please use them only if you think they will provide additional value to your application. Ideal reference writers are recognized experts who know you and your company well and can provide genuine insight about your potential.

MassChallenge will contact these individuals on your behalf and ask for their simple input, including:

  • Confirm that you are willing to be a reference
  • On a scale of 1-7 how would you rate the economical impact of this company if it succeeds in achieving its goals? Rate the company relative to peers in its industry.
  • On a scale of 1-7 how would you rate the likelihood that this company will succeed in achieving its goals? Rate the company relative to peers in its industry and at its stage of development.
  • Additional comments the reference may want to provide You may submit a maximum of 5 references – either all at once or incrementally over time – and can see from your Startup Dashboard if a given reference has responded to MassChallenge (however, you are not able to see the content of their response). Note that we send an email only once to each reference, shortly after you submit their name/email address.

You may want to give references a heads-up that they will be contacted by MassChallenge, and to check their spam folder if they don’t see anything.

The last date for references to respond to MassChallenge is April 23.

Submit Refund Codes

After you pay the application fee, you may submit one or more unique refund codes that you acquire from MassChallenge sponsors or other organizations after March 1.

Each refund code you submit prior to the application deadline of April 1 will entitle you to a certain refund amount (for example, $25).

You may accumulate and submit as many refund codes as you like – it is possible to completely refund your entire application fee (but not more than you paid!)

Although you may submit multiple refund codes, you may not submit more than one refund code from the same MassChallenge sponsor/partner.

Please be thoughtful in how you pursue acquiring refund codes -- it is not wise to spam request refund codes, as such an action will probably not endear you to those spam recipients. The goal of refund codes is to 1) reduce your application fee, and 2) promote thoughtful engagement between you and the organizations who have refund codes.

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