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MassChallenge is the most startup-friendly accelerator on the planet. No equity and not-for-profit, we provide startups with the access and resources they need to succeed - from free office space to mentoring, workshops and global network access.

High Impact. No Equity.

Programs: Boston | Israel | UK | Mexico | Switzerland

  • 4-month programs: mentorship, office space, education, network & community, and other resources
  • Several million dollars in cash awards, $10 million in-kind
  • Open to all: any early-stage startup, in any industry, from anywhere in the world
  • No equity taken. No restrictions on the startups



Hundreds of Experts. Hands-on help.

MassChallenge mentors are entrepreneurs, investors, executives and others who volunteer their expertise to help entrepreneur. Over 600 experts volunteer their time and connections.

MassChallenge startups typically build a team of 2-4 mentors to work with throughout the accelerator. Staff, "Mentor Matching" events, and an online dashboard help connect entrepreneurs to the right experts. In addition to the official mentorship pairings, MassChallege facilitates countless other meetings between experts and entrepreneurs through office hours.

Experts: learn more about ways to participate at MassChallenge.





Flexible curriculum. Choose your tools.

The MassChallenge curriculum allows entrepreneurs to pick and choose from an array of events to accommodate the startups’ needs and interests. 

In 2015, MassChallenge Boston hosted over 150 sessions during the 4-month accelerators. Curriculum events are presentations, panel sessions, interactive workshops and one-on one sessions covering various aspects and stages of building a business.

Sessions are flexible and optional: entrepreneurs attend what they decide will help them most.

Many MassChallenge events are open to the public - see our events calendar for more.



Supportive community. Robust network.

A massive benefit of the large-scale MassChallenge model is the enormous, global network that comes with it. The MassChallenge community of entrepreneurs & experts keeps the offices humming with activity. Launching a startup can be lonely, but this engaged, global community is overflowing with inspiration and support.

The MassChallenge offices creates something like a watering hole, attracting people and organizations to contribute value to the entrepreneurs at the source of activity. On any given day, it is common to find a wide range of experts and startup enthusiasts looking to engage.


$2+ million in grants. No equity taken.

Several million dollars in non-dilutive cash grants across our programs globally; in Boston, for example, startups compete for over $1.5 million.

All engaged MassChallenge Finalists pitch to panels of judges to determine the highest-impact, highest-potential startups. All Finalists have access to in-kind deals throughout the accelerator, winners receive additional in-kind support. All support and grants are provided with no strings attached. No equity taken and no restrictions applied.

View the lists of MassChallenge winners here:


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