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Five Reasons to Join MassChallenge in 2018

As the largest zero-equity startup accelerator in the world, MassChallenge has helped thousands of entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality over the last eight years. But what can MassChallenge do for your startup? With applications now open for MassChallenge programs around the world, here are our top five reasons to join MassChallenge in 2018:

Cold hard cash prizes

How to Build a Successful MassChallenge Application

Want the inside scoop on how to craft a top MassChallenge application? MassChallenge alumni share their tips that can help you conquer the application process. Applications for the 2018 cohorts of MassChallenge Boston, Rhode Island, Switzerland, and Mexico are due March 28, 2018 at 7:00PM CET/1:00PM ET/12:00PM (Noon) CT. Learn more about our program and apply here.

5 Reasons for a Startup to Enter the International Market

We are currently in a highly competitive, dynamic innovation economy and so if you have a disruptive idea- you need to act fast! What’s becoming most integral to the success of a startup is quickly moving towards internationalizing your idea.

For startups, every day counts: failure to reach potential consumers or an inadequate patent protection can obliterate even the most brilliant idea before it hits the local market.

CEE Startups Go Global

The CEE (Central and Eastern European) region is known its human capital and innovation, and according to the Central Bank Group, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania will strengthen their market leader position in Europe in the coming years.

What content marketing can do for your brand

Brands need to use every tool at their disposal to reach, grow and engage their target audience.

While earned media - coverage in relevant third-party publications that your audience consumes - and paid media such as advertising can get you so far, these are only part of the puzzle.

Increasingly brands are becoming aware of the fact that they need to be creating and filling up their own channels - or ‘owned media’ - in order to get the most best out of the momentum they have built up from other channels.

Four ways to make an impact at events and conferences

Exhibiting at an event or conference is not a decision to be taken lightly. For a start, it will cost a considerable sum - but if you take these four simple tips into consideration, you can ensure your get a good return on the investment.

Put plenty of time into research

Be sure to set aside ample time before the event to research and plan your strategy. Everything you do from here onwards will be a direct result of the research you’ve conducted at this stage.

10 things to remember when pitching investors

Venture capital investment in UK startups is booming, with over £800m invested in the first quarter of 2017.

Investors are easier to find and get the attention of then ever, as they boost their social media presence. Tools and platforms such as Angel List offer you the chance to conduct a granular search for your perfect investor. But what happens when you get your pitch date?

Here’s a list of tips to boost your chances of securing funds when pitching to investors.

1.   You can't be over-prepared

Six Ways to Keep Your Staff Happy

Attracting and retaining talent is a priority for any business, large or small. Finding candidates that fit a role can be challenging, but ensuring that the talent you acquire stays engaged and committed is another matter altogether.

Gik Live!: the startup disrupting the world of wine

Startup viewpoint: Second time's the charm

Taig Mac Carthy from Gik Live! - the startup disrupting the wine industry - shares his viewpoint on why a major setback doesn't necessarily mean instant failure.

Pitch Perfect: Tips For Getting Judges To Love Your Startup

In order to be accepted into an accelerator, get funding, or even attract top talent, you need to know how to present yourself and your company.