Five Reasons to Join MassChallenge in 2018

As the largest zero-equity startup accelerator in the world, MassChallenge has helped thousands of entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality over the last eight years. But what can MassChallenge do for your startup? With applications now open for MassChallenge programs around the world, here are our top five reasons to join MassChallenge in 2018:

Cold hard cash prizes

MassChallenge gives out approximately $2M USD in cash prizes to the top startups in each program. Because we’re not an investment-style program, we use a series of pitch competitions at the end of the accelerator to decide which startups receive the awards. Our cash prizes are no-strings attached (seriously): our only requirement is that you use the money to take your business to the next level.

When you’re here, you’re family

Are you looking to partner with another startup in the same industry, get mentored by another later-stage entrepreneur, or guidance on how to deploy your product in a different marketing? MassChallenge alumni have your back. With nearly 1,500 MassChallenge alumni around the world and across every industry, the MassChallenge network is an extremely valuable and helpful resource for any early-stage startup.

Hundreds of mentors to choose from 

Each year, our startups tell us that the experts and mentors who support them throughout the accelerator are the best element of the MassChallenge program. When accepted into the program, startups choose from about 800 industry experts to build a team of mentors. Staff, “Mentor Matching” events, and our online dashboard help connect entrepreneurs to the experts that best fit their needs.

We bring the experts to you 

From working sessions with our industry experts to hundreds of workshops and office hours on topics ranging from securing funding to hiring the right team, MassChallenge startups have access to a huge range of resources. We want our entrepreneurs to have the freedom to choose the resources that will help their startup succeed. Staff works directly with our startups to make connections and recommendations based on business needs, but ultimately, it’s up to the entrepreneur to decide what activities will help them the most.

 You better (net)work

Because MassChallenge is a not-for-profit organization, we work with large businesses, governments, foundations, and universities to grow their innovation agendas and transform their industries or ecosystems. Startups in our network have access to our global partner pool, and MassChallenge helps facilitate networking and relationship building opportunities between startups and our top corporate partners.

Applications for the 2018 cohorts of MassChallenge Boston, Rhode Island, Switzerland, and Mexico are due March 28, 2018 at 7:00PM CET/1:00PM ET/12:00PM (Noon) CT. Learn more about our program and apply here.