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Startup Efficiency: Three Tips for Focusing Your Kickstarter Launch

On July 31st we launched our Alpine Hammock project on Kickstarter and we learned a lot in a short period of time.   This is not a story about a successful Kickstarter campaign; the future of our project remains to be seen.  Rather, this is a post about how we rapidly launched a Kickstarter campaign through 30 days of intensive prepping.  One could easily spend months analyzing every nook and cranny of how to run a successful campaign but it’s often time-consuming and unnecessary.

Non-Profit vs For-Profit - What Works for Startups?

The Non-Profit/For-Profit Spectrum
Answering the question "Should this startup be a non-profit?" is not black & white. There is a spectrum of options (full color - not even just grayscale!) and choosing the right structure for a social enterprise can help support the startup's scale and mission. Here are some options on that non-profit/for-profit scale:
L3C - Low-Profit Limited Liability

One Big Reason Your Campaigns Keep Underperforming

There's no need to be modest—your team is backed by conversion masterminds.   You gamify social media to promote your webinars; you track and close unqualified leads from LinkedIn groups in baker's dozens; you're a distinguished .ppt-editor-in-chief, presiding over a small law library's worth of whitepapers. No question - your team's blogging and shaking with the best of them.  And recently, the results are consistently, diligently, overwhelmingly average.  Wait, what?

The Best Show(case) on Earth

The wide variety of industries was on display as teams used all sorts of techniques to show how they are pushing the envelope in their respective fields. GG’s Originals played an important role – they provided snacks for the night to keep everyone energized. Memory on Hand and eone both had very engaging booths, showing off their portable USB wristbands and incredible braille watch respectively.

MassChallenge 2012 Boot Tweets!

MassChallenge Boot Camp is a one-week, intensive program of inspiration, education, mentorship and social events designed to jumpstart the four-month MassChallenge Accelerator. MassChallenge Finalists learned real-life lessons from successful startup CEOs, investors, lawyers and executives.
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