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Corporates and Startups: Why it’s No Longer “Us” Vs Them

That’s why 67% of corporates are targeting early stage startups for partnerships, according to our new study with Imaginatik, The State of Startup/Corporate Collaboration 2016. The main reason is to explore new business models and technologies, to see what new transformative products and ideas they can bring to the market together.

Startup/Corporate Collaboration: The New Face of Innovation

Today, a growing proportion of those interactions are taking place at a much earlier stage, with both parties looking to share the risks and rewards of such connections.

Corporates Lower Barriers for Startup Success

Organizations like Microsoft, Zipcar, Cydan Development Inc., Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, EYP, and The John W. Henry Family Foundation are well aware of this and in order to achieve this impact, they have teamed up with several MassChallenge startups to foster engagement and collaboration through scholarships.


Innovation Post Brexit: What Happens Next?

At the dinner, sixteen people from across the entrepreneur world, including startups, investors, and corporates, came together to discuss the state of innovation.

How MassChallenge is Helping Entrepreneurs Win in Northern Spain

One of the ways we did this was through our four-day boot camp, a customized program for aspiring entrepreneurs in the Basque region, which was held at MassChallenge Boston.

On a regional level, our global partnerships team worked with the Biscay government to develop training and guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs in the Region.

The Startup Diversity Dilemma


The elephant in the industry

The New Face of Startup/Corporate Innovation

Our research shows, quite clearly, that corporations have begun to think and act like startups. Sounds like an oxymoron, except it’s true. Rather quietly, many companies have built innovation teams that focus on:

  • Developing proactive collaborations with the startup community – with a focus on flexible, informal, and agile partnerships.