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Minute 2 Pitch It

“You have to command the room.” - Mike Miele, SpotLight Parking

5 Reasons Minute To Pitch It 2015 Is A Can’t Miss Event

1.     Missed your afternoon cup of coffee? This event will get your energy up!

WiMC Empowers Female Entrepreneurs to Disrupt Company Culture

Women in MassChallenge was created as a space for female founders, staff members, mentors, and sponsors to gather together and learn from each other. They discuss the challenges of being a woman in the professional and entrepreneurial community, as well as ways to improve their leadership skills. 

How MC Alum THINX Wins Social Media

Inbound marketing makes social media a very powerful tool. And while it can be a daunting task to power through endless tweeting, blogging, ‘gramming, and facebooking, it is all done in the hopes of building brand awareness from the ground up. Unfortunately, sometimes that means playing the waiting game. According to Veronica del Rosario, Head of Marketing at THINX, a MassChallenge alum, “inbound marketing is always a long lead strategy.” 

Finalist Interview Series: AutismSees

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