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Why Women Entrepreneurs Underestimate Themselves And What We Can Do About It

There is a “confidence gap” between men and women in business, but we’re looking for solutions in the wrong places.

Submitted on Apr 27, 2016 • by Susan Duffy, Executive Director, Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership, Babson College
This blog is excerpted from an article originally published by Footnote , an online media company that turns academic knowledge into a news and information resource for the public. They collaborate with scholars to translate their research and expertise into original content that is...

The Startup Ecosystems of Westeros

At MC, we like Game of Thrones -- a lot.

Submitted on Apr 22, 2016 • by Jibran Malek, MassChallenge Marketing Manager
From deals that could be lost at any second due to a slight error in etiquette to the stolen startup secrets from a disgruntled employee, or the complex factions of collaborative alliances between entrepreneurs, corporations, government, universities, venture firms, startup accelerators and...

In the Third Wave - Startups Will Finally Grow Up

Impressions on Steve Case's new manifesto

Submitted on Apr 13, 2016 • by Jibran Malek, MassChallenge Marketing Manager
It’s not hard for warm thoughts of your childhood to start percolating throughout your brain as you scan the pages of any major startup magazine, such as TechCrunch or Fast Company, to read about the billion-dollar “unicorns” that are set to “ change the world...

Sell First; Scale Later

Submitted on Apr 04, 2016 • by Syed Ahmed, Co-founder and CTO at TARA
The following is a guest-post from Syed Ahmed, the co-founder and CTO of TARA, the AI recruiter and project manager. Syed is a MassChallenge 2014 alum, and was recently part of Y-Combinator’s Winter 2015 class. He has been featured in TechCrunch and Wired, is the winner of the UN ITU...

From Downtown Rabat to Boston, the Journey of a Young Moroccan Social Entrepreneur

Submitted on Mar 28, 2016 • by Hanane Rifai, Edited by Adnane Addioui
I grew up on a farm in Morocco where my family faced huge issues feeding our cattle, so I’ve always desired to help the more than two million small farmers in Africa who suffer from lack of proper feed for their livestock. To make matters worse, the children of these farmers are often...

Considering Words

The language we use in day-to-day life – whether it be at work or at home – is what shapes our reality.

Submitted on Mar 26, 2016 • by Jenny Abramov, Co Founder at DUCKS
The following is a guest post from Jenny Abramov, co-founder at DUCKS , with the original post appearing on her blog, "This Entrepreneurial Life" Did you know that Mandarin (Chinese) has no single translation for the word “brother”? To refer to your brother, you must...

How to Make the Best One Minute Video Pitch of All Time

Submitted on Mar 21, 2016 • by Beatrice Bertazzoni, MassChallenge Communications
Concise and engaging communication is an art: if you can’t tell a story in one minute you won’t be able to tell it in 25. Here are some tips that can help you deliver the best one minute video pitch of all time!  

MassChallenge Named Top Accelerator for the 2016 Seed Rankings Project

Submitted on Mar 12, 2016 • by Jibran Malek, MassChallenge Marketing Manager
MassChallenge was in good company at South by Southwest as the top startup accelerators in the world were announced. Never -- in the history of the modern world -- has there been a better time to launch a startup than now. This is largely in part due to the rise of the accelerators: fixed...

How MC Alum Handy Disrupted the Sharing Economy

Alumni Profiles

Submitted on Mar 10, 2016 • by Jeff Danford, MassChallenge Marketing
Since Handy graduated from MassChallenge's 2012 cohort, they have raised over $110M in funding, becoming a dominant player in the Sharing Economy. We recently had the priviledge of visiting the HQ in New York City to catch up with COO and Co-Founder, Umang Dua, and picked his brain about how...

How to Build a Successful MassChallenge Application

Alumni tips to new startups

Submitted on Feb 12, 2016 • by Jibran Malek, MassChallenge Marketing Manager
A shot at $100k, a chance to move your idea forward by leveraging an immense network, an opportunity to grow your startup into a movement -- all with no equity taken. There is so much demand for these startup-friendly resource that it’s become harder to get accepted into MassChallenge than...

MassChallenge Alumni are Forbes 30 Under 30

Submitted on Feb 02, 2016 • by Beatrice Bertazzoni, MassChallenge Communications
MassChallenge Alumni dominated the Forbes 30 under 30 lists of “the brightest young entrepreneurs, breakout talents and change agents”. Eight MassChallenge alumni are from the fifth annual US list of young leaders, and two are from the first-ever European list. The women and men...
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