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Morning Jo: Is Drumming like a Startup?

Joanna reflects on how to deal with the less glamorous parts of building a company

Submitted on Oct 15, 2014 • by Joanna Meiseles, MassChallenge Senior Director of Operations
Last night my eleven-year-old son woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me he wants to quit the drums. He cried like a baby saying it’s too hard and he doesn’t want to practice. He actually confessed to me that he hasn’t practiced his bookwork in over a week. He gets...

Top 26 Excitement!

We've announced the top 26 MassChallenge Finalists, here's what the community had to say

Submitted on Oct 15, 2014 • by Jibran Malek, MassChallenge Marketing Manager
We're incredibly excited to unveil the Top 26 MassChallenge finalists that will be pitching in front of a live audience of thousands at the Boston Convention and Exhibiton Center on October 29th.  This list of 26 was selective out of the most competitive group of 128 MassChallenge...
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Five Startups Making an Impact Around the World

MC Startups make a global impact. Here's a quick taste

Submitted on Oct 13, 2014 • by Jackie Tan, MassChallenge Marketing and Social Media
As 2014's MassChallenge startups are reaching the home stretch of another exciting accelerator, we begin to reflect on all of our startups, both past and present and all the amazing work they are doing to change the world. Here are five quick examples of MassChallenge startups that are...

9 Startup Lessons from Kansas City

Our Director of Marketing, Robby Bitting, chats about his Startup Weekend Experience!

Submitted on Oct 10, 2014 • by Robby Bitting, MassChallenge Director of Marketing
Our Director of Marketing, Robby Bitting, and our Director of Systems & Operations, Roman Kern, spent the week at the Up America Summit in Kansas City, Missouri! Here are nine things they learned about Kansas City's budding and vibrant startup ecosystem

Three Reasons You Need to Buy a Table for the MassChallenge Awards Ceremony

Meet top startups and make the most out of an amazing night!

Submitted on Oct 08, 2014 • by Jibran Malek, MassChallenge Marketing Manager
The 2014 MassChallenge Awards Ceremony is quickly approaching on October 29th! The MassChallenge Awards Ceremony is the startup community's largest and highest-value event to celebrate innovation and support the world's most promising startups. Purchasing a table is the best way...

Morning Jo: Three Ways to Avoid Pitch Anxiety

Joanna shares her favorite TED Talks for avoiding the pitch nerves!

Submitted on Oct 03, 2014 • by Joanna Meiseles, MassChallenge Senior Director of Operations
Why do people get nervous when presenting in front of an audience? It doesn’t seem to matter if the audience is four people sitting around a conference table or 1,000 in a grand ballroom; when charged with giving a speech or presentation, it’s nerve-wracking. At MassChallenge, our...

The Value of a MassChallenge Internship

We checked in with a former intern about his MassChallenge experience!

Submitted on Oct 01, 2014 • by Jonathan "Yonny" Reichel, 2014 Partnerships Intern
A few weeks ago, I was asked to write of my experiences as a Business Development intern at MassChallenge. Initially, I was star-struck and scared out of my wits. How was I supposed to encompass all of the amazing experiences I’ve had over the summer in a single blog post? So, in my best...

10 Helpful Social Media Tips from Guy Kawasaki

Keep Calm and Post On!

Submitted on Sep 29, 2014 • by Nicole DeSantis, CampusTap
The following is a guest post by Nicole DeSantis from CampusTap , a MassChallenge finalist. Visit their website and find them on Twitter ( @TheCampusTap ) and Facebook . I had the opportunity to attend Hubspot’s annual Inbound conference and MITX FutureM a few weeks ago...

Morning Jo: Top Three Companies that Deliver Magic to their Customers!

What does it take to make a customer happy?

Submitted on Sep 26, 2014 • by Joanna Meiseles, MassChallenge Senior Director of Operations
In past years, I have taught a curriculum session at MassChallenge on the subject of Customer Service. This year, I did not get a chance to do it, so I thought I would share my three favorite examples of great customer service companies here in my blog. In my former career at Snip-its, I spent a...

Brand is a Verb

Chris Bent from ZootilityTools ruminates on his #INBOUND14 learnings

Submitted on Sep 24, 2014 • by Chris Bent, ZootilityTools
The following is a guest post by Chris Bent from ZootilityTools , a MassChallenge finalist. Visit their website and find them on Twitter ( @Zootility ) and Facebook . You can contact Chris at This past weekend my girlfriend flew to Texas to...

Morning Jo: Pitch Tips for Female Founders

How is a female founder's pitch different than a man's?

Submitted on Sep 19, 2014 • by Joanna Meiseles, MassChallenge Senior Director of Operations
Prefinal Judging is just two weeks away at MassChallenge, and our startups are busy preparing and practicing their pitches. Today, I sat in on a “Women in MassChallenge” meetup where the topic was pitching and what makes a female founder’s pitch different from a male...

Scholarships for Startup Institute’s Fall Program from MassChallenge

A great opportunity for all startups

Submitted on Sep 17, 2014 • by Allan Telio, Startup Institute VP + Director, Boston
It’s no wonder MassChallenge and Startup Institute get along so well. Talk to anyone in MassChallenge’s community and you’ll find a story that resonates loud and clear alongside our own.

MassChallenge’s Secret Sauce to a Powerful Innovation Ecosystem

Relationships are Key to Success

Submitted on Sep 15, 2014 • by Kyle Kahveci, ACEA (Advanced Continuing Education Association)
The following is a guest post by Kyle Kahveci from ACEA , a MassChallenge finalist. Visit their website and find Kyle on Twitter ( @kylekahveci ), and his website . Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the MassChallenge (MC) accelerator is their extremely powerful...

Morning Jo: The Busy Month Ahead!

What does it take to assemble the innovation community to celebrate entrepreneurship?

Submitted on Sep 12, 2014 • by Joanna Meiseles, MassChallenge Senior Director of Operations
The MassChallenge Awards Ceremony is just seven weeks out, and we are diving into the planning process. On October 29 th , MassChallenge will award over $1.75 million to the most promising startups in our Accelerator. It’s a HUGE deal and a HUGE celebration! This is our fifth year, and we...

Why Startups Should Think About Product Lifecycle Management

How PLM helps you keep innovating

Submitted on Sep 10, 2014 • by Rick Rundell, Senior Director at Autodesk
We checked in with Autodesk Senior Director, Rick Rundell , about how startups can keep focusing on innovating while mitigating activities that don't add value or progress. Here's what he had to say! If you’re familiar with Product Lifecycle Management, you probably associate...
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