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MassChallenge’s Secret Sauce to a Powerful Innovation Ecosystem

Relationships are Key to Success

Submitted on Sep 15, 2014 • by Kyle Kahveci, ACEA (Advanced Continuing Education Association)
The following is a guest post by Kyle Kahveci from ACEA , a MassChallenge finalist. Visit their website and find Kyle on Twitter ( @kylekahveci ), and his website . Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the MassChallenge (MC) accelerator is their extremely powerful...

Morning Jo: The Busy Month Ahead!

What does it take to assemble the innovation community to celebrate entrepreneurship?

Submitted on Sep 12, 2014 • by Joanna Meiseles, MassChallenge Senior Director of Operations
The MassChallenge Awards Ceremony is just seven weeks out, and we are diving into the planning process. On October 29 th , MassChallenge will award over $1.75 million to the most promising startups in our Accelerator. It’s a HUGE deal and a HUGE celebration! This is our fifth year, and we...

Why Startups Should Think About Product Lifecycle Management

How PLM helps you keep innovating

Submitted on Sep 10, 2014 • by Rick Rundell, Senior Director at Autodesk
We checked in with Autodesk Senior Director, Rick Rundell , about how startups can keep focusing on innovating while mitigating activities that don't add value or progress. Here's what he had to say! If you’re familiar with Product Lifecycle Management, you probably associate...

Three Reasons to Join MassChallenge Startups at International Night

Join us in celebrating global entrepreneurship

Submitted on Sep 08, 2014 • by Jibran Malek, MassChallenge Marketing Manager
All roads lead to innovation on Sept.11! Out of the 128 startups in this year's class of MassChallenge finalists, 30 of them are headquarted outside of the United States! In order to celebrate the expanding international scope of MassChallenge entrepreneurs, we've brought together our...

Morning Jo: The Will to Embrace Entrepreneurship

Joanna sits down with Kristina Tsipouras, founder of ZOOS Greek Iced Tea

Submitted on Sep 05, 2014 • by Joanna Meiseles, MassChallenge Senior Director of Operations
I was curious to understand how someone decides to become an entrepreneur – what early influences lead to that momentous decision to dive into the deep and murky waters with no guarantee of success? Of course, entrepreneurs have been around since the first civilizations started bartering...

Civic Tech: The Global Rallying Cry - Collaborators Catalyze Future Proof Innovation

How MC is collaborating with Microsoft New England and MassIT to engender a Civic Tech revolution

Submitted on Sep 03, 2014 • by Jibran Malek, MassChallenge Marketing Manager
We’ve written before about how  it’s time for a civic tech revolution  and it looks like the world has heard our rallying cry! In order to spur on this revolution, we’ve teamed up with Microsoft New England , who has been a demonstrated and active leader in the...

Morning Jo: Passion and Purpose

How founders create value and inspire purpose

Submitted on Aug 29, 2014 • by Joanna Meiseles, MassChallenge Senior Director of Operations
On Wednesday, I got to be part of the MassChallenge team that  rang the opening bell at Nasdaq in New York City . It was super-fun, and I was honored to be included.   
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MassChallenge Rings the Opening Bell at NASDAQ

Honored to celebrate innovation and job creation at the center of global economy!

Submitted on Aug 27, 2014 • by Jibran Malek, MassChallenge Marketing Manager
On the morning of Wednesday, August 27th, MassChallenge was invited to join NASDAQ and top partners and alumni startups to ring the opening bell at the stock exchange.  

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Break into the startup industry with our jobs board!

Submitted on Aug 25, 2014 • by Jibran Malek, MassChallenge Marketing Manager
Over 400 MassChallenge startups need your help! Last week, we launched a job board populated by scores of jobs posted by the world's highest impact startups. 

Morning Jo: Meet Joanna!

Introducing our new column that provides innovative insights beyond the glass ceiling

Submitted on Aug 22, 2014 • by Joanna Meiseles, MassChallenge Senior Director of Operations
Welcome to my first blog! As a female entrepreneur and startup enthusiast, I want to write about women – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and what it’s really like to be a female entrepreneur. I’ll cover lots of different topics, like work-life balance, cofounder...

5 Reasons You need to Attend Minute to Pitch It

On August 27th, witness and judge expertly crafted pitches!

Submitted on Aug 20, 2014 • by Jibran Malek, MassChallenge Marketing Manager
The pitch is the one thing that can make or break a startup. On August 27th, MassChallenge startups will present their pitches to the world in a fun and rowdy night of sixty second speed pitches to earn the right of having the "ultimate pitch". Here are five reasons you need to sign...
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Keeping Technological Innovations Safe

These MC startups are working to keep us on the cutting edge while ensuring user security.

Submitted on Aug 18, 2014 • by Summers Ford, MassChallenge Marketing and Social Media
Technology is constantly evolving and changing around us. As the gap between technological advancements and our own actual understanding of technology widens, the average person is often left exposed and vulnerable to her own inexperience and technological illiteracies, leaving her exposed to...

How to Build an Investable Team

Insights from Blade CEO Paul English

Submitted on Aug 08, 2014 • by Summers Ford, MassChallenge Marketing and Social Media
CEO of Blade and Co-founder of Kayak, Paul English, recently visited the MassChallenge headquarters and shared his insight on achieving success in the crazy world of entrepreneurship. 

Join the Health Kick Movement with MassChallenge Startups

These startup Finalists help you eat great without sacrificing taste!

Submitted on Aug 04, 2014 • by Erin Delaney, MassChallenge Marketing and Social Media
Even though it's nearly the end of summer, it's never too late to participate in “health kick” season. Eating healthy doesn't have to mean eating unsavory foods. MassChallenge finalists are making it easy to fulfill your appetite in the healthiest ways possible!

Startups Make High Impact Connections at Startup Showcase

The 2014 Startup Showcase was a huge success! Here is a recap of the festivities:

Submitted on Aug 01, 2014 • by Erin Delaney, MassChallenge Marketing and Social Media
Complimented by a beautiful night in Boston with stunning views of the harbor, the best startups in the world shared their contributions to the wave of the future. On Wednesday, July 30, over 600 VIPs gathered in the Seaport World Trade Center for our annual Startup Showcase. Finalists displayed...
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