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Ten MassChallenge IoT Companies Turning Heads

Companies Disrupting Their Respective Industries With Connected Technology

Submitted on Sep 28, 2015 • by James Maynard, MassChallenge Marketing
As of today, the term “Internet of Things” has become ubiquitous in the world of technology as connectivity, big data and machine learning become increasingly prevalent to the consumer and the corporation alike. While it is hard to summarize IoT in a concise sentence, Jacob Morgan...

Minute 2 Pitch It

A Guide From MassChallenge Finalists

Submitted on Sep 22, 2015 • by James Maynard, MassChallenge Marketing
  It’s hard to believe but one of our most exciting and dynamic events, Minute 2 Pitch It, is only two days away! On Thursday at MassChallenge the community will have the opportunity to see 40+ MassChallenge finalists pitch their companies in one minute or less. Even after months of...
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Fundraising Explained: Implementing Your Early-Stage Financing Needs

Series A, Part 2

Submitted on Sep 21, 2015 • by James Maynard, MassChallenge Marketing
  I felt compelled to follow up on my previous Series A post--which covered mostly definitions and terminology--with some real-world applications in order to paint an accurate picture of the current domestic Series A environment. I try to stay objective here, utilizing trends to highlight...
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5 Reasons Minute To Pitch It 2015 Is A Can’t Miss Event

Submitted on Sep 18, 2015 • by Andrea Hewett - MassChallenge Marketing and Social Media
Minute To Pitch It is not your average pitch competition!  Approximately 50 of MassChallenge’s finalists are duking it out on Thursday, September 24th to win a top secret prize (and bragging rights, of course). Their challenge: Deliver their pitch to a hyped up, crazy audience in...

Techies Unite for Political Reform and Entrepreneurship

Submitted on Sep 18, 2015 • by Andrea Hewett - MassChallenge Marketing and Social Media
Of the least likely groups to ever overlap, techies and political activists, are two of the biggest. Since when do coders and computer geeks want to have anything to do with politics? But tech masters, the self proclaimed “dreamers and doers, entrepreneurs and engineers” of the...

Tamsen Webster’s 3 Fatal Flaws of Pitching

Submitted on Sep 16, 2015 • by Andrea Hewett - MassChallenge Marketing and Social Media
Tamsen Webster is the go-to guru of persuasion and perfect pitching. According to her website, she “specializes in how to tell the right story to the right people at the right time.” This is why MassChallenge was so lucky to host such an expert at our second Deep Dive Day this...

Get to know MC-Finalist: eRated

Submitted on Sep 11, 2015 • by Payal Lal - Business and Marketing Analyst at eRated
Would you buy from an eBay seller without any reviews or ratings? If you’re like 80% buyers, you wouldn’t. 2 years ago, three Israeli students undergoing Israel’s most prestigious entrepreneurship program noticed that online buyers are hesitant to purchase from online sellers...

WiMC Empowers Female Entrepreneurs to Disrupt Company Culture


Submitted on Sep 09, 2015 • by Andrea Hewett - MassChallenge Marketing and Social Media
With the 2015 Women in MassChallenge Showcase tonight, it's important to be aware of the challenges female founders and entrepreneurs face every day, as well as the potential they hold to affect the standard of company culture nationwide regarding women’s health and maternity leave....

How MC Alum THINX Wins Social Media

Chobani Dreams on a GoGurt Budget

Submitted on Sep 08, 2015 • by Andrea Hewett - MassChallenge Marketing and Social Media
As a startup, many resources are limited, but none more than cold hard cash. It is extremely difficult to justify putting down the big bucks on anything, so how can a startup company market themselves without breaking the bank? An effective strategy is inbound marketing. As HubSpot explains it,...

Finalist Interview Series: AutismSees

The inside scoop from our 2015 finalists

Submitted on Sep 03, 2015 • by James Maynard, MassChallenge Marketing
This week I had the opportunity to catch up with Danielle Feerst, founder and CEO of AutismSees. Not only is Danielle a dedicated entrepreneur and ardent supporter of the social impact ecosystem with a focus on higher cognitive disorders, she somehow also finds time to study as a Senior at...

Fundraising Explained: Implementing Your Early-Stage Financing Needs

Series A-Part I

Submitted on Aug 31, 2015 • by James Maynard, MassChallenge Marketing
The Series A round: If you thought the dollar-value parameters for raising a Seed round were volatile, you were right. For the Series A round, take that volatility and place it into a logarithmic scale. To quantify this statement, let’s dig into some “soft” guidelines and...
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5 Tips to Promote Great Company Culture in Shared Office Spaces

Submitted on Aug 28, 2015 • by Lilian Mitchell, Director of Customer Relations, Roomzillla
The following is a guest post written by Lillian Mitchell, Director of Customer Relations at Roomzilla . You can follow Roomzilla on Facebook , Twitter , and their website .  Whether you work in an office designed specifically to your company and culture, or in a dynamic shared...

Teaming with Cisco for Startup Incubation

Submitted on Aug 27, 2015 • by MassChallenge
We’re proud to announce a new joint program will support early-stage entrepreneurs in Boston and beyond who are innovating in the Internet of Everything and other transformational technologies.

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August 10th-21st

Submitted on Aug 25, 2015 • by James Maynard, MassChallenge Marketing
  Why are well-funded startups going under? Are Amazon's Dash buttons the greatest thing to happen to the modern consumer or just a symbol of lethargy? Will driving become a thing of the past? Answers to these questions and much more news from the past two weeks below!
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