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The MassChallenge Boston 2015 Startup Showcase Recap

More than 1,050 attendees, including MC community members, alumni, students, sponsors, investors and journalists came out to meet and support a group of nearly 200 finalists and staff bringing the grand total in attendance to over 1,200 people. Despite the near-constant cacophony that one would expect with such a large crowd, the room was buzzing with excitement as attendees learned firsthand how our 2015 finalists are revolutionizing the startup ecosystem around the world. 

6 Companies That Will Definitely be Turning Heads at Startup Showcase 2015

Ajiri Tea Company
The word “Ajiri” means “to employ” in Swahili. Ajiri Tea Company aims to create a sustainable cycle of employment and education and, of course, a delicious cup of Kenyan Coffee and Tea! The team at Ajiri currently employs 63 women to hand-make each label with dried bark from banana trees. 100% of their profits go back to Kenya to pay school fees for orphans. 

Finalist Interview Series: MagnebotiX


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MassChallenge Annual International Night Recap

To kick off the celebration, our Senior Director of Programs and Operations, Roman Kern, spoke with pride about his native Switzerland and the recent developments MassChallenge has made in the blissfully neutral nation, including having five Swiss startups in the Boston 2015 class.

Finalist Interview Series: DealerScience

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5 reasons you don’t want to miss MassChallenge Boston’s 2015 Startup Showcase

1. This is the first major opportunity open to the public to meet all 128 of MassChallenge’s 2015 finalists.

If you’re an entrepreneur, an investor, or just enthusiastic about innovation, join us on Wednesday, July 29th to get an inside look at the tremendous value being generated by these companies. Throughout the evening, you’ll have the opportunity to experience their new developments firsthand in an open-floor exposition.

Sponsor Profile: Biscay Government

The resources that MassChallenge provides, such as mentorship and access to a global network, will allow us to strengthen our efforts in retaining and attracting top talent in the region. Furthermore, connecting our entrepreneurs with MassChallenge will enable us to solidify our presence as a leader in the manufacturing, bio-health, gaming, and Internet industries.

Finalist Interview Series: Splitzee

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