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The MC Summer Reading List


Submitted on May 27, 2016 • by Manavi Datta, MassChallenge Marketing
Summer is almost here! In preparation of our intense summer accelerator, we asked our MassChallenge Boston Finalists to share some of their favorite books that have helped them embark on their entrepreneurial journey as a result we have some summer reads ideas for you.

7 Stages of Applying to MassChallenge

from applicant to finalist

Submitted on May 19, 2016 • by Manavi Datta, MassChallenge Marketing
It has been an intense few weeks for the startups that made it all the way from applying to MassChallenge to going through round 2. Here's what we imagine what our Finalists went through to make it to the 2016 accelerator program!

7 Tips for Shark Tank Success

Submitted on May 18, 2016 • by Manavi Datta, MassChallenge Marketing
Advice from MassChallenge Alumni Tania Green founder of PMS Bites and Maneesh Sethi, founder of Pavlok .     Two of our MassChallenge Alumni are making their debut on national television by being contestants on season 7 of Shark Tank! We decided to take a sneak peek at their...

Startup Reach Expands with Boston Foundation / MC Bootcamp

Submitted on May 12, 2016 • by Manisha Tolani, Social Impact Intern
MassChallenge and Boston Foundation Bootcamp Series just celebrated the end of their successful mini-accelerator program that took place from End of January to April. Cheers to this year’s cohort of entrepreneurs for completing the program!  

Why Women Entrepreneurs Underestimate Themselves And What We Can Do About It

There is a “confidence gap” between men and women in business, but we’re looking for solutions in the wrong places.

Submitted on Apr 27, 2016 • by Susan Duffy, Executive Director, Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership, Babson College
This blog is excerpted from an article originally published by Footnote , an online media company that turns academic knowledge into a news and information resource for the public. They collaborate with scholars to translate their research and expertise into original content that is...

The Startup Ecosystems of Westeros

At MC, we like Game of Thrones -- a lot.

Submitted on Apr 22, 2016 • by Jibran Malek, MassChallenge Marketing Manager
From deals that could be lost at any second due to a slight error in etiquette to the stolen startup secrets from a disgruntled employee, or the complex factions of collaborative alliances between entrepreneurs, corporations, government, universities, venture firms, startup accelerators and...

In the Third Wave - Startups Will Finally Grow Up

Impressions on Steve Case's new manifesto

Submitted on Apr 13, 2016 • by Jibran Malek, MassChallenge Marketing Manager
It’s not hard for warm thoughts of your childhood to start percolating throughout your brain as you scan the pages of any major startup magazine, such as TechCrunch or Fast Company, to read about the billion-dollar “unicorns” that are set to “ change the world...
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