MassChallenge Israel

The mission of MassChallenge Israel is to enable top-tier Israeli startups to access global markets by connecting them with the very best people and organizations in the Boston entrepreneurial ecosystem. Read more.


MassChallenge UK

MassChallenge intends to officially launch MassChallenge UK in London in December 2014. MassChallenge UK aims to run an accelerator program that will engage hundreds of startups, expert mentors, investors, students, and business leaders from across the UK as part of a global innovation economy. Read more.

Global Partners

iNNpulsa Colombia

The Colombian government’s agency for high-impact entrepreneurship and innovation, iNNpulsa Colombia, partnered with MassChallenge as a Platinum sponsor in 2012, embarking on an ambitious program to foster a rich culture of entrepreneurship in Colombia and to connect Colombian startups with Boston’s innovation ecosystem. Inspired by MassChallenge’s competition-based model, iNNpulsa aims to promote competitiveness within Colombia, with the belief that innovation in business will lead to a more prosperous society. Together with MassChallenge, iNNpulsa is developing tools and programs to better enable Colombian entrepreneurs to tackle global challenges. For more information, please contact iNNpulsa at


Zapopan, Mexico

The city of Zapopan partnered with MassChallenge in 2013 as a Platinum sponsor in order to help foster entrepreneurship and economic vitality in the Zapopan area. Zapopan is the one of five cities that constitute the Guadalajara metropolitan area, near Mexico’s western coast, and the most prominent in terms of commercial activity. The city attracted $1.3 billion in private investment in 2011 and is eager to continue fueling economic growth and the creation of new enterprises. Zapopan’s partnership with MassChallenge is part of the city’s new initiative, "Reto Zapopan," with the goal of strengthening the area’s network of universities, corporations, investors, government agencies, and individuals in support of entrepreneurship. For more information, email

Unaffiliated Programs Inspired by MassChallenge

Entrepreneurial-Spark (Scotland)

Entrepreneurial-Spark® is a business accelerator inspired by MassChallenge and based in Scotland. At Entrepreneurial-Spark, start-ups and early stage businesses are hot-housed, nurtured and enabled for up to one year in three unique "Hatcheries" in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Ayrshire. Entrepreneurial-Spark offers start-ups business mentoring, workshops, office space, IT support, and facilities all completely free in a collaborative environment for like-minded entrepreneurs to test their ideas, network and ideally grow beyond their first and second birthdays. Like MassChallenge, Entrepreneurial-Spark's vision is to create a business start-up renaissance in and from Scotland, through the development of entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviors. For more information, visit

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