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Eligibility Criteria for Mentors

MassChallenge Mentors are seasoned industry and business experts who want to engage with high-impact startups. Mentors enjoy privileged access to the best startups from around the world. 
Becoming a part of MassChallenge's mentor pool is a unique opportunity to advise early-stage companies and to network with other high-profile mentors across industries. This is a volunteer, unpaid position.
Eligibility Requirements:
  • Entrepreneurs with a demonstrated track record of success (this may include successful exits, significant fundraising, bootstrapping to scale, a long history of startup experiences)
  • Industry-specific professionals with significant early-stage or industry experience (includes Lawyers, Accountants, Marketing Professionals, etc. that are typically Partner/Manager/Director-level and above)
  • General business professionals with significant management experience (includes sales, business development, business management, etc.)
  • Investors (includes angel investors, venture capitalists, and/or corporate venture professionals director level and above)
  • Technical Experts & University Experts with specific, topical expertise or academic credentials relevant to their field (includes professors, lecturers and researchers)
  • Consultants with employment at reputable firm or self-employed with track record of work at reputable firms

Mentoring Timeline
Refer to specific program pages: Boston | Israel | Mexico | Switzerland | United Kingdom



Mentoring teams at MassChallenge is a serious commitment of time and energy during the 4-month accelerator program. The best MassChallenge mentors are:

  • Proactive- Mentors proactively engage with Finalists both in person through attendance at required events and virtually through efficient response times.
  • Invested - Mentors are expected to spend a minimum of 1 hour every other week engaging with each startup mentored.
    • If you are accepted into the Mentor Program, you are expected to mentor at least one team.
  • Committed - Mentors are expected to engage with Finalists across MassChallenge Programs through proactive mentorship and conduct office hours.


  • Access to elite mentor pool for networking opportunities
  • Connecting with startups will give you unique insight into potential investment and referral opportunities
  • Access to global innovative events and opportunities 

Selection Process

After you complete your expert application, we will review on a rolling basis and extend invitations to qualified mentors based on the industry composition and needs of the startup class.

  • Demonstrated interest to engage with Finalist companies as demonstrated through the Expert Application, past mentor experiences, and potentially interviews led by the MassChallenge team
  • Industry expertise that aligns with the composition of the current MassChallenge finalist class
  • Geographic proximity is to be heavily weighted unless there’s overwhelming value in your participation.


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