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Diamond Winners
2015 Diamond Winner
Gaming & Consumer

Combine maps and game tech and you get Mantle, a toolset for prototyping rapid 3D environments. Stop wasting your team’s effort recreating the basics for every 3D spatial project. Mantle is the perfect solution for creative prototyping and discovery doing the heavy lifting for map import, styling and geolocated positioning. It's fast, ready to drop in content, place cameras and tweak lighting in seconds. Start environment projects faster for gaming, built environment and info visualisation.

2013 Diamond Winner
Enterprise Software

The ViralGains mission is to create authentic relationships between consumers and advertisers through the power of online video. ViralGains delivers Viral Marketing at scale through technology that measures how consumers watch, share, and talk about video content. The ViralGains Viral Marketing Platform is the first of its kind that maximizes views, shares, and conversations in real time for YouTube content.

Gold Winners
2015 Gold Winner
Gaming & Consumer

Digital and print displays dominate our lives - yet today’s flat displays only show an impoverished slice of reality. To solve the big problems that have prevented glasses-free 3D from going mainstream, Lumii is developing the first commercial light field engine: the evolution of our research at MIT. We can't wait to bring it into your hands.

At Lumii, we are fundamentally changing the way people build glasses-free 3D digital and print displays, by replacing optics with software intelligence.

2013 Gold Winner
Telecommunications & Mobile

3dim changes how you interact with your smart devices. We unleash natural interaction by providing the first accurate 3D gesture sensor for the battery-powered mobile device market. Our patent-pending method dramatically reduces power requirements and eliminates sensitivity to lighting conditions, making reliable gesture control on the go possible for the first time. Sized and priced for phones, tablets, and wearables. Leave your screen for display and interact in 3D. Gesture is the new touch.

Sidecar Winners
2014 Sidecar Winner
Education + Gaming & Consumer

The World Health Organization states that 200 million children worldwide have learning disabilities such as Autism, Dyspraxia, ADHD. Kinems gamifies therapeutic exercises into highly customisable Kinect learning games that allow children to perform engaging activities with hand and body gestures and improve their skills. The games interoperate with a cloud platform that offers learning & kinetic analytics. Kinems is being successfully used by professionals in several countries.

Silver Winners
2016 Silver Winner
Gaming & Consumer

Mobile entertainment has gone beyond sharing videos and playing Angry Birds; millennials are enhancing their videos with facemasks and playing Pokemon Go in Augmented Reality. Escher is going beyond these simple effects to provide a true interactive 3D AR engine for developers. Whether it be turning the floor into lava, playing ball with a digital pet, or having a parrot land on your shoulder, Escher is powering the future of 3D interactive mobile entertainment

2016 Silver Winner
Hardware & Robotics

We provide fast motion sensing based on 3D imaging . Our CMOS sensors promise to revolutionize automotive safety by making LIDAR functionality affordable ; they also enable autonomous industrial vehicle and smart buildings that adapt to occupancy.
3D imager characteristics
• resolution ( > 1.5 mm distance, 160x120 pixels imaging),
• accuracy (operations under bright or dark lighting condition),
• medium range (>50m, VCSEL arrays s),
• speed (>300-1000 fps)
• low cost (50-250$)

2015 Silver Winner
Transportation & Logistics

Our blue-sky transportation solution serves people in low-density cities by providing access to the places they want to go. For the healthcare world that means providing large patient populations with direct and efficient access to clinical services. Easy to use, automated, reliable, and friendly.

RubyRide increases access to facilities, practically eliminates the opportunity for fraud and mis-use, and empowers sponsors to measure effectiveness.

Everyone gets what they need.

2012 Silver Winner
High Tech + Healthcare

Stress is a silent killer. Where objective data is now critical throughout medicine and daily life, diagnoses and treatments of stress rely exclusively on subjective reports to evaluate symptom severity and trends. Neumitra (noo-MEE-tra) helps monitor and manage acute and chronic stress with wearable and mobile technologies for health, performance, and happiness. We compute recurring reports of personalized health to aggregate analytics from one person to thousands. Together we’ll solve stress.