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Diamond Winners
2016 Diamond Winner

EYL provides a hardware-based solution to secure computer network systems and replace software options that can be easily hacked. EYL provides unpredictable quantum random numbers by extracting them from a radioisotope in a tiny 5mm chip. The result is extremely fast and effective random numbers that can be deployed for security systems, computer networks and other purposes. EYL technology is being trialled in the public and private sectors.

2015 Diamond Winner
Efficiency + Efficiency

For the long-haul trucking market which faces large diesel costs, Hyliion is developing an add-on hybrid system for tractor trailers that will reduce their total fuel consumption by 30%, with an ROI of less than one year. In addition, it will improve the driver’s quality of life as well as reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. We strive to offer a high quality solution that will lead the industry towards a more efficient and safe means of transporting goods.

2013 Diamond Winner
Hardware & Robotics

RailPod robots increase the frequency and quality of day-to-day railroad track inspections. Through cost effective robots and data as a service RailPod ensures the safety of railroad track inspectors while providing much needed big data to the multi-billion dollar track inspection industry. RailPod robots provide railroad track inspectors with repeatable and quantifiable data in real time, allowing railroads to make timely decisions that improve bottom line revenue and safety of passengers.

Platinum Winners
2016 Platinum Winner
Aerospace + Hardware & Robotics

Every few hours, one Library of Congress worth of data is created on orbit by commercial satellite operators. The cost to get this data down to the ground for use is excessive and growing more complex. Analytical Space is creating a network of in-space relays that utilize laser communications to solve this problem, allowing operators to offload more data at costs comparable to cellular data plans, all while using their existing hardware.

Gold Winners
2016 Gold Winner
Medical Devices + Aerospace

We solve the most frustrating unsolved problem in laparoscopic surgeries - camera fogging. Laparoscopy has evolved into a surgical standard with many of open surgeries shifting steadily to this surgical procedure, currently 15 M surgeries are performed annually worldwide. Using breakthrough plasma technology, we eliminate the problem and maintain a clear view for the whole operation. By a simple and single pre-op treatment, done by the nurse, we make the surgeon forget the problem ever existed.

2016 Gold Winner
Hardware & Robotics

Sea Machines Robotics is building the technology that will enable the era of autonomous and remote-commanded marine & maritime vessels. Sea Machines systems allow surface craft to operate & navigate safely and efficiently with or without an on board crew. Initial applications ready to take advantage of autonomy are tugboats, launches, survey work boats, and dredging vessels, and as the technology gains wider acceptance we will expand into the over-the-horizon operations such as cargo shipping.

2016 Gold Winner
Hardware & Robotics + High Tech

3DFortify is a materials company spun out of Professor Randall Erb’s lab at NEU. Our innovative 3D Magnetic alignment technology controls the orientation of composite reinforcement in three dimensions. This merges superior mechanical properties with the customization of 3D Printing. Current composites are expensive, time intensive, hard to customize, and have limited geometries. Our patented technologies allow for cheaper, faster, and the most complex composite manufacturing to date.

2016 Gold Winner
Agriculture + Efficiency + Design

As the world population rises and our natural resources become ever more depleted, the pressures on world agriculture have never been greater. Precision agricultural technologies are key to achieving maximum efficiency from our land, natural and manufactured resources. The onTrak precision guidance system developed by Agricision aims to provide access to some high impact technologies for the many producers for whom the large investment currently required is a major barrier to adoption.

2015 Gold Winner
Telecommunications & Mobile

Converge is an end-to-end solution for IoT in industry. We connect existing sensors across industries such as construction or manufacturing with our hardware nodes and provide automated, accurate real time monitoring through our software platform. Our hardware runs a low frequency mesh network and reports data back to our servers for analysis. We've started with construction, and are implementing our technology with one of the largest construction companies in Europe.

2015 Gold Winner
Aerospace + High Tech

Survey and inspection of our critical infrastructure, such as wind turbines, bridges, oil/gas pipe, and power-line, is slow, expensive, and often extremely dangerous.

XactSense builds fully autonomous, 3D Laser scanning Drones which allow our customer to get more data, at half the cost, and 1/5 the time of existing methods.

Our system is designed to fit the needs of the industry. Custom aircraft, 3-axis stabilized payload, and our own software to create 3D models of any landscape or structure.

2015 Gold Winner
Entertainment & Media

TV rating is the most important number in the $70 billion TV ad market, but there has been no innovation in two decades. TVision Insights leverages state-of-the-art computer vision technology to collect viewers’ demographics, emotional reactions, and viewability/engagement by placing a sensor at the base of a television in a household. This data is extremely valuable to advertisers and media buying agencies who today have no real measurement of their advertisements’ effectiveness.

2015 Gold Winner
Hardware & Robotics

Today our ability to find new sources of oil to supply our energy needs, prevent illegal drugs from being smuggled into the US on ships, and keep our military safe by freeing foreign waters of dangerous mines all rely on the same thing: risking human lives diving into these unsafe and unknown environments. Hydroswarms solves this problem by using swarms of small, autonomous, underwater robots specifically designed to do this job, saving lives and revolutionizing a multi-billion dollar market.

2014 Gold Winner
High Tech + Manufacturing + High Tech

Our mission is empowering people with the freedom of mobility. SUNU create wearable devices, that at their core, use proximity sensing technology - enabling our users to better sense and safely navigate their environments. Our first product is a mobility wristband that is helping the visually impaired better perceive the things around them and navigate their surroundings.

2014 Gold Winner
Hardware & Robotics + General

Power meters are a training and performance tracking tool for cyclists; think of it as a super Fitbit for cyclists. While they've become essential for elite cyclists, their high price (often well over $1,000) prevents mainstream fitness cyclists from using power data to train smarter and ride faster.

We’re Ashton Instruments and we’ve developed a new sensor technology that lets us build a power meter that’s finally affordable to the entire fitness cycling market.

2013 Gold Winner
Hardware & Robotics

Silverside Detectors helps governments reduce the threat of nuclear terrorism. Our lithium thermal neutron detection technology matches the performance of standard He-3 radiation detectors, but at 1/10th the price. This inexpensive radiation sensor is low-cost and efficient enough to be a "connected device" for networks of discreet detectors within and around cities, in transportation pathways, and nuclear material storage sites.

2012 Gold Winner
Healthcare / Life Sciences

Lab Automate has developed and globally patented the A3G technology which can reduce the time to market of Inhalation products by up to 25%. The technology’s feasibility has been independently proven by tests done at Cirrus Pharmaceuticals and by University of Maryland. The technology has a $2.8 billion market which is growing @ 6%/annum. Expects to be profitable in 2nd year with 5th year sales projected @$50MM--is seeking $1.3MM to develop commercial scale equipment.

2012 Gold Winner
High Tech + Design

Soldiers, fire fighters, and search and rescue workers put their lives on the line every day so that we don’t have to. Life-saving imaging technology exists that could make their jobs safer, yet current applications are too expensive, classified, and impractical for wide-scale use. Bounce Imaging is developing ultra-low-cost, easy-to-use imaging systems to meet the needs of soldiers and first responders, allowing them to explore potentially hazardous spaces without exposing them to harm.

Sidecar Winners
2014 Sidecar Winner
Medical Devices

Droplette is our patent-pending transdermal delivery system for delivery of drugs up to 60% larger than current treatments deep into skin over large surface areas. Our unique device is painless, contact free, portable and generates no disposables. It is designed to deliver antibiotics for serious ulcers and skin infections, reducing risk secondary complications or antibiotic resistance. Future applications include localized delivery of chemotherapeutics for skin cancer and drugs for anti-aging.

Silver Winners
2016 Silver Winner
Hardware & Robotics

We provide fast motion sensing based on 3D imaging . Our CMOS sensors promise to revolutionize automotive safety by making LIDAR functionality affordable ; they also enable autonomous industrial vehicle and smart buildings that adapt to occupancy.
3D imager characteristics
• resolution ( > 1.5 mm distance, 160x120 pixels imaging),
• accuracy (operations under bright or dark lighting condition),
• medium range (>50m, VCSEL arrays s),
• speed (>300-1000 fps)
• low cost (50-250$)

2016 Silver Winner
Hardware & Robotics

Vizir combines thermal vision and augmented reality to give fire fighters a clear vision in dark and smoky environments. Tests with fire fighters show that Vizir increases their sense of orientation and ability to locate victims and hotspots. Our unique visualisation technology provides a comfortable and clear understanding of the surroundings. Active engagement of fire departments and a market research in four countries show a strong interest in our product.

2016 Silver Winner
Entertainment & Media

AEROTAIN offers new and innovative ways to interact with audiences. Our flying machine Skye can take virtually any shape and brings brands and products airborne. This allows us to create fun, interactive, and memorable experiences for everyone to enjoy. Skye is safe enough to operate above crowds!

2015 Silver Winner
Hardware & Robotics

Pavlok: the first wearable that transforms your habits

Example: go to the gym by 10am.

Step 1: Accountability.

When you commit, you can’t remove Pavlok until you achieve your goal. It makes loud noises, or posts your fail to Facebook. Initially, it's your drill sergeant trainer. One model can even shock you with 1000 painful volts.

Step 2: Reinforcement

Pavlok adds positive reinforcement to make the habit stick, permanently.

Pavlok transforms you into a better you.

2013 Silver Winner
Hardware & Robotics

The traditional preparation of fresh tortillas takes a lot of time, it requires know how and experience. flatev provides a new solution starting with a fully automatic machine and corresponding dough-capsules, which enable anyone to make a wide variety of fresh tortillas and other flatbreads in only seconds. Our USPs are authentic freshness, a wide variety of flavors and styles in single portions and quick & hassle free cooking. We focus on the Millennials customer target in the USA.

2013 Silver Winner
Therapeutics (Pharma / Biotech)

Leveraging our strengths in high-throughput screening technology we provide the fastest methods for directed studies of in vivo gene function which results in earlier identification of therapeutic targets. In combination with the rapid development time of small model organisms (4 days) our systems enable rapid iterations to shorten drug development times. We generate humanized transgenic models for mechanism of drug action studies preventing costly drug failures in later stages.

2012 Silver Winner
High Tech + Healthcare

Stress is a silent killer. Where objective data is now critical throughout medicine and daily life, diagnoses and treatments of stress rely exclusively on subjective reports to evaluate symptom severity and trends. Neumitra (noo-MEE-tra) helps monitor and manage acute and chronic stress with wearable and mobile technologies for health, performance, and happiness. We compute recurring reports of personalized health to aggregate analytics from one person to thousands. Together we’ll solve stress.