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Platinum Winners
2016 Platinum Winner
Aerospace + Hardware & Robotics

Every few hours, one Library of Congress worth of data is created on orbit by commercial satellite operators. The cost to get this data down to the ground for use is excessive and growing more complex. Analytical Space is creating a network of in-space relays that utilize laser communications to solve this problem, allowing operators to offload more data at costs comparable to cellular data plans, all while using their existing hardware.

Gold Winners
2016 Gold Winner
Education + High Tech

IBM called us the Uber for Education.

Jasmine is a mother from a Nigerian slum in our program & she doesn’t have education for her children, but she does have a mobile phone.

So we train & certify Home Educators from Jasmine’s own community to teach her thru SMS text messages. Jasmine then educates her children in her own home.

For educating her children and answering a quiz correctly, Jasmine is rewarded with free minutes and texts to her mobile phone, gamifying the learning process

2015 Gold Winner
Healthcare Delivery + Diagnostics

Oral health affects heart disease, Alzheimer’s & diabetes and is the 2nd largest out of pocket healthcare expense: $250 BN! Yet 40% of Americans are not accessing this basic healthcare need. Sadly, this percentage is growing due to rising costs & inconvenience.
Virtudent leverages innovations in portable equipment & telehealth technologies to bring oral healthcare to the workplace for a fraction of the cost.Through Virtudent's pop-up dental clinics, high quality care is made easy & accessible.

2015 Gold Winner
Environment + Energy / Clean Tech

Spoiler Alert creates the first cloud-based marketplace and reporting platform to allow organizations to sell, donate, and recover wasted food. Whether that’s healthy surplus product or valuable organic waste, we enable them to get it to those who can use it – quickly. We've built a more seamless user experience - supported with real-time notifications, easy payment processing, and reporting capabilities. As a package, we empower companies to save money and become better community citizens.

2015 Gold Winner
Other - Services

twosigmas is a Cambridge-based company that specializes in global education solutions. We connect learners from around the world to educators and educational opportunities in the UK, focusing mainly on using our proprietary videochat whiteboard technology to deliver live English lessons from UK tutors to Chinese learners. Our sales and marketing team uses strong personal relationships to partner with companies in China interested in corporate English education programs for their employees.

2015 Gold Winner
Entertainment & Media

Great Little Place (GLP) is a mobile app for discovering and sharing “great little places” around you - from quirky bars to extraordinary restaurants, the places that make a city special.

Very simply, we're weaving everyone’s little black book of places together, asking members across the world to say ‘I know this great little place…’ and share their favourite discoveries with one another. So it's just the good stuff.

Our mission is to become the last city guide you'll ever need.

2015 Gold Winner
Telecommunications & Mobile

Converge is an end-to-end solution for IoT in industry. We connect existing sensors across industries such as construction or manufacturing with our hardware nodes and provide automated, accurate real time monitoring through our software platform. Our hardware runs a low frequency mesh network and reports data back to our servers for analysis. We've started with construction, and are implementing our technology with one of the largest construction companies in Europe.

2015 Gold Winner
Entertainment & Media

TV rating is the most important number in the $70 billion TV ad market, but there has been no innovation in two decades. TVision Insights leverages state-of-the-art computer vision technology to collect viewers’ demographics, emotional reactions, and viewability/engagement by placing a sensor at the base of a television in a household. This data is extremely valuable to advertisers and media buying agencies who today have no real measurement of their advertisements’ effectiveness.

2015 Gold Winner
Gaming & Consumer

Digital and print displays dominate our lives - yet today’s flat displays only show an impoverished slice of reality. To solve the big problems that have prevented glasses-free 3D from going mainstream, Lumii is developing the first commercial light field engine: the evolution of our research at MIT. We can't wait to bring it into your hands.

At Lumii, we are fundamentally changing the way people build glasses-free 3D digital and print displays, by replacing optics with software intelligence.

2013 Gold Winner
Telecommunications & Mobile

3dim changes how you interact with your smart devices. We unleash natural interaction by providing the first accurate 3D gesture sensor for the battery-powered mobile device market. Our patent-pending method dramatically reduces power requirements and eliminates sensitivity to lighting conditions, making reliable gesture control on the go possible for the first time. Sized and priced for phones, tablets, and wearables. Leave your screen for display and interact in 3D. Gesture is the new touch.

Sidecar Winners
2014 Sidecar Winner
High Tech + Efficiency + General

CarKnow produces hardware and software designed to capture and generate vehicle data. The CARduino connects to in-vehicle networks, adds digital sensors, and mirrors a user's car in the Cloud. A high-security API features privacy controls and allows developers to build applications to improve the vehicle use and ownership experience. Developers can build applications using our universal API to improve fuel economy, reduce congestion, and improve the vehicle experience. Smart cars = happy drivers

Silver Winners
2016 Silver Winner
Telecommunications & Mobile

Snapp is the business platform for the mobile-only economy
We enable businesses to build their first online presence (Snapp Builder), empower users to discover, connect and transact online (Snapp Wave), allow 3rd party developers and companies to build on top of the Snapp ecosystem and reach instantly the exponentially growing, yet untapped, mobile-only market (Snapp Bridge). 2,000,000,000 People will come online by 2020 and over 110 million businesses will be created only in Latam/Africa/Asia

2016 Silver Winner
Internet & Web

homePad is the first full-stack SaaS platform for rental activities - €16bn European potential market

A complete solution to generate and manage digital reports (property inspections, furniture inspection, task management, service providers management, tenants communication, etc

With more than 1076 companies using daily homePad Pro our business model is growing in Europe (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Denmark)

2016 Silver Winner
Hardware & Robotics

Vizir combines thermal vision and augmented reality to give fire fighters a clear vision in dark and smoky environments. Tests with fire fighters show that Vizir increases their sense of orientation and ability to locate victims and hotspots. Our unique visualisation technology provides a comfortable and clear understanding of the surroundings. Active engagement of fire departments and a market research in four countries show a strong interest in our product.

2016 Silver Winner
Telecommunications & Mobile

Half of prisoners lose touch with their families while inside, increasing their chances of reoffending upon release. Prison Voicemail is a social venture using technology to improve communication between prisoners and their families. Our service enables them to exchange regular voicemails, making it the fastest and most convenient way to stay in touch. Launched in October 2015, the service is rapidly expanding across prisons in England and Wales.

2015 Silver Winner
Telecommunications & Mobile

World Around Me (WAM) is local discovery app (available on Android and iOS) to help people worldwide, find services to eat, drink, shop, stay, pray, stay healthy, move, refuel and access money along with helping them visually orient towards a place using augmented reality.
Winner of official Google Play award. Recognised as one of the best apps in the world (among 2.3 million apps) by Google. Available in 25 languages and in 200+ countries.
Adopted as city app for tourists in Genova, Italy.

2015 Silver Winner
Medical Devices

GiveVision is a sophisticated software suite that powers smart glasses to be used as eyes for blind people. Developed by an experienced team of 3 Software Engineers, two of whom are completely Blind; it is designed to increase the independence and mobility of Blind and Visually Impaired by converting visual information to audio cues.

We have built and tested the proof of concept that can recognize banknotes, identify colors, scan product barcodes, at a press of a button. Currently raising seed

2015 Silver Winner
Transportation & Logistics

Our blue-sky transportation solution serves people in low-density cities by providing access to the places they want to go. For the healthcare world that means providing large patient populations with direct and efficient access to clinical services. Easy to use, automated, reliable, and friendly.

RubyRide increases access to facilities, practically eliminates the opportunity for fraud and mis-use, and empowers sponsors to measure effectiveness.

Everyone gets what they need.

2015 Silver Winner
Enterprise Software

Livestock ranchers lack reliable herd information for better decision making. BovControl is a mobile data-collection, coupled with secure data housed [cloud] that improves efficiency and boost profitability. It is changing the way the world produce beef and milk, with a tool to prove they are not destroying the environment.