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Diamond Winners
2016 Diamond Winner
Aerospace + Agriculture + High Tech

Our team is committed to creating actionable intelligence from satellite imagery and other data about the planet. Our technology allows us to quickly go from hypothesis testing to meaningful, global-scale measurements and forecasts aimed at decision makers in finance, insurance, government and agribusiness. Our first product is called Kernel: an in-season yield forecast for US corn that is now in testing with a select group of pilot customers this growing season.

2015 Diamond Winner
Generation + Energy / Clean Tech

Renovagen have developed the "Roll-Array" transportable solar power system. It's a solar farm which unrolls from a container or trailer in a few minutes - to power mobile hospitals, desalination plants, mine sites, military bases and more. Batteries and inverters are built-in for 24/7 power - it can be used just like a genset. Our air-pallet container can be flown anywhere in the world on normal aircraft and packs up to 18kW of PV - 10x more power and much faster setup than existing solutions.

2014 Diamond Winner
Poverty Alleviation + Efficiency

200 million people across India and Bangladesh suffer from arsenic and fluoride poisoning due to contaminated drinking water. Drinkwell transforms this $2.3B market into economic opportunity by blending novel water filtration with a franchise business model to provide 20L jugs of water daily to customers for a low monthly fee. Compared to reverse osmosis, the current best practice, Drinkwell delivers 60x more water, is 16x more energy efficient, and reduces waste by 7 orders of magnitude.

Platinum Winners
2016 Platinum Winner
Agriculture + Environment

We produce animal feed the way nature intended.

Entocycle, is an innovative feed company that is developing one the most advanced, efficient and sustainable systems to feed the world.

We are utilising the power of Hermetia illucens (Black Soldier Fly) to 'up-cycle' organic food waste into a sustainable protein feed alternative for aquaculture and livestock.

"Nature does not believe in waste, and neither do we"

Gold Winners
2016 Gold Winner
Food, Beverages & Restaurants

Whole Heart Provisions is going to make you crave vegetables. We are a fast casual restaurant concept that takes flavors you'll find in the world's best restaurants, and serves them in under two minutes, for under $10. All of our food and packaging are plant based, helping us please the planet, our bodies, and most importantly, our taste buds. Since our launch in October 2015, we've served over 40,000 customers. We plan to become the Chipotle of the flexitarian generation.

2015 Gold Winner
Environment + Energy / Clean Tech

Spoiler Alert creates the first cloud-based marketplace and reporting platform to allow organizations to sell, donate, and recover wasted food. Whether that’s healthy surplus product or valuable organic waste, we enable them to get it to those who can use it – quickly. We've built a more seamless user experience - supported with real-time notifications, easy payment processing, and reporting capabilities. As a package, we empower companies to save money and become better community citizens.

2014 Gold Winner
Efficiency + Efficiency + Generation

Power plants have been stuck using the same inefficient condensers for decades. Putting a hydrophobic coating on these condensers would save millions of dollars in fuel and thousands of tons of CO2 every year for each power plant. Until now there hasn’t been a coating that survives long enough while providing good thermal performance. We invented and patented a durable hydrophobic coating at MIT and invented a way to manufacture it at an industrial scale.

2013 Gold Winner
Social Impact + Manufacturing

Our mission is to create veteran employment opportunities, reduce waste and strengthen civil-military understanding by profitably selling fashionable bags and accessories made from repurposed military materials. Our name originates from the ancient saying, “to turn swords into plough shares,” which means, to take military technologies and materials and apply them to peaceful civilian applications.

Silver Winners
2016 Silver Winner
Environment + Energy / Clean Tech

80% of America is locked out of the solar market because they cannot install solar on their roof. Solstice expands the clean energy market by rapidly deploying community-shared solar at low-cost and at scale. We do this by creating a viral solar community--we tap the power of organizations and incentivize local champions to earn extra income by enrolling their friends digitally. With community solar, friends enjoy clean energy at no upfront cost and and save money on their electric bill.

2016 Silver Winner
Efficiency + Energy / Clean Tech

The primary limiting factor of an electric vehicle’s performance is the power and energy capabilities of its energy storage by directly affecting its range, cost, power, and lifetime. Electra’s hybrid energy storage module is a product of electrical engineering combined with chemistry: our system marries the high energy density of safe battery chemistries with the high power density storage creating an efficient hybrid solution optimized for a vehicle’s performance and application.

2016 Silver Winner
Generation + Environment

Oorja aims to provide clean energy access to 450 million un/underelectrified people in rural Indian communities. We deploy smart micro-grids powered by biomass gasification and solar PV systems to generate, store and transmit reliable and affordable electricity to SMEs as anchor load and low-income households. We use a scaleable community-owned business model to leverage energy provision as a catalyst for socio-economic development to alleviate poverty, empower women and tackle climate change.

2016 Silver Winner
Agriculture + Energy / Clean Tech

DryGro is an Oxford-based AgTech venture that grows food in the desert. Using proprietary technology, DryGro can grow food in high-temperature environments using 99% less water than conventional agriculture. DryGro has the potential to significantly disrupt food markets globally. At scale, this technology could open up unproductive desert land to economic food production, making a significant impact on global food security and water conservation. Lets make the deserts bloom.

2015 Silver Winner
Financial Technology

People across the world are faced with a multitude of problems: lack of access to clean water, poor nutrition - and they spend years waiting on external bodies to secure funding, come in and save the day. Unfortunately over 50% of fundraising campaigns addressing these problems fail on the major CF platforms.

We’re changing this. HelpingB currently has a 100% success rate and intends to maintain a 80-90% success rate through investment in its due diligence and vetting process.

2015 Silver Winner

In FoPo, we collect ugly fruits & vegetables before expiry from groceries & farms, freeze dry them, & turn them into food powder to preserve their nutrients, prolong shelf life, & maximize logistics. It can be used for smoothies, soups, fruit shakes, & more. The product will be sold via online, supermarkets, humanitarian mission agencies & food companies. With low price, reduced food waste & support for local businesses & farmers, FoPo creates value from the inefficiency in the food system.

2015 Silver Winner
Internet & Web + Other - Services

Compare and Share is the world’s first comparison marketplace of the Sharing Economy, aggregating a $15 billion market growing faster than Facebook, Google & Yahoo. We act as a gateway to the Sharing Economy, helping consumers & companies access & exploit the world’s £3.5 trillion worth of spare goods without having to trawl through 8000 individual sites. Our vision is to open up the Sharing Economy just as eBay opened up the second-hand goods market & build the go-to global brand for Sharing.

2015 Silver Winner
Environment + Energy / Clean Tech

Small businesses in the UK account for nearly 50% of the entire economy, yet historically their environmental impact has largely been ignored. This is despite many business owners expressing a genuine interest in managing their emissions.

As time, knowledge and capital are the largest barriers to action, Carbon Analytics has developed an automated, user friendly and cost effective platform to not only measure, but also reduce carbon, water and energy impacts, empowering action over reporting

2015 Silver Winner
Transportation & Logistics

Our blue-sky transportation solution serves people in low-density cities by providing access to the places they want to go. For the healthcare world that means providing large patient populations with direct and efficient access to clinical services. Easy to use, automated, reliable, and friendly.

RubyRide increases access to facilities, practically eliminates the opportunity for fraud and mis-use, and empowers sponsors to measure effectiveness.

Everyone gets what they need.

2015 Silver Winner
Food, Beverages & Restaurants

The word Ajiri means "to employ" in Swahili. Our goal is to create a sustainable cycle of employment and education in western Kenya. Ajiri's award-winning Kenyan black tea is handpicked on small-scale farms. Our Kenyan AA coffee is freshly roasted. We employ 60 women to hand-make the labels for each tea and coffee box using dried banana tree bark. Each label is unique. 100% of profits are donated to the Ajiri Foundation to pay school fees for orphans. Currently, we sponsor 29 students in school.

2014 Silver Winner
Energy / Clean Tech + Efficiency

AutoAgronom provides a unique solution that empowers farmers to practice sustainable agriculture. Our systems enable growers to increase yields by up to 30% and save up to 50% of water and 70% of fertilizers. Our patented technologies “listen” to plants and react in real-time to their needs, optimizing levels of oxygen, water and nutrients. We offer potential customers who cultivate large areas in green houses or open fields a complete service package with an annual fee based on area size.

2014 Silver Winner
Environment + Design + Manufacturing

ReFleece brings new life to old stuff. We partner with trusted clothing companies like Patagonia, Woolrich, Ibex and Polartec to upcycle their damaged clothes and scraps into beautiful, modern accessories like iPad sleeves and laptop bags. Started in 2012 by a former IDEO designer and former science teacher, ReFleece is dedicated to reversing the culture of disposability by demonstrating that upcycling can be scalable and profitable.

2012 Silver Winner
General + Environment

Bikesharing has experienced substantial growth over the past few years. It has spread to North America and gained significant traction. However, there is one problem - the lack of helmet availability. Not having helmets available is a safety concern, and it prohibits the growth of bikeshare systems. This is where we step in. We have developed a helmet vending solution that allows for helmets to be easily accessed by users. Our machine dispenses and allows for the return of helmets.

2016  Winner
Generation + Financial Technology

A peer-to-peer lending platform focused in solar energy. GIRASOL provides the best solar financing solution in Mexico, backed by people and companies that wish to invest in renewable energies. The main goal is that residents pay the credit with the savings the system generates. GIRASOL also works as a marketplace that matches clients with professional installers. Through our algorithm we generate automatic, personalized and comparable quotes so the client can make an informed decision.