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Diamond Winners
2016 Diamond Winner
Internet of Things + Efficiency

GasZen is the first gas management platform focusing on the household market. Taking advantage on the Internet of Things and the New Legislation in Mexico; our team has developed a platform that connects the missing piece for most gas suppliers and distributors - the domestic and comercial stationary tank - through our device. Furthermore, the platform allows a communication tool between the end user and gas supplier to get an efficient, transparent and reliable service.

2015 Diamond Winner
Efficiency + Efficiency

For the long-haul trucking market which faces large diesel costs, Hyliion is developing an add-on hybrid system for tractor trailers that will reduce their total fuel consumption by 30%, with an ROI of less than one year. In addition, it will improve the driver’s quality of life as well as reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. We strive to offer a high quality solution that will lead the industry towards a more efficient and safe means of transporting goods.

2014 Diamond Winner
Poverty Alleviation + Efficiency

200 million people across India and Bangladesh suffer from arsenic and fluoride poisoning due to contaminated drinking water. Drinkwell transforms this $2.3B market into economic opportunity by blending novel water filtration with a franchise business model to provide 20L jugs of water daily to customers for a low monthly fee. Compared to reverse osmosis, the current best practice, Drinkwell delivers 60x more water, is 16x more energy efficient, and reduces waste by 7 orders of magnitude.

Gold Winners
2016 Gold Winner

CoolComposites is a startup that is working to produce a phase change material (PCM) for energy efficient buildings. Competing PCM products are extremely expensive, require substantial modifications to building construction, or both. Our goal is to produce a drop-in additive for building materials based on inorganic PCMs, which are more than 10x cheaper than their existing organic counterparts. This will allow us to offer a 'zero-day' payback period enabled by novel materials synthesis.

2016 Gold Winner
Agriculture + Efficiency + Design

As the world population rises and our natural resources become ever more depleted, the pressures on world agriculture have never been greater. Precision agricultural technologies are key to achieving maximum efficiency from our land, natural and manufactured resources. The onTrak precision guidance system developed by Agricision aims to provide access to some high impact technologies for the many producers for whom the large investment currently required is a major barrier to adoption.

2015 Gold Winner
Efficiency + Materials

Laundry is about to be reinvented! Current laundry machines use 20 gallons of water and significant amount of detergent to remove just one table spoon of dirty oil compounds, giving a cleaning efficiency of less than 1%. This inefficient process makes an average hotel spend $10K on water and detergent per month! With AquaFresco close-loop laundry technology, 95% of the water and detergent cost can be saved, capturing a market opportunity over $2B/yr.

2014 Gold Winner
Healthcare / Life Sciences

Annually 47 million people in the US fall victim to a water-borne infection. Current testing methods take 24 hours or more. This waiting time is too long for efficient quality control and to prevent disease outbreaks. Fluid-Screen brings the power of an entire lab into a portable device. Fluid-Screen detects bacteria in water in 30 minutes or less. The patent pending technology is based on a silicon biosensor chip developed at Yale University. We believe that Fluid-Screen will change the world.

2014 Gold Winner
Efficiency + Efficiency + Generation

Power plants have been stuck using the same inefficient condensers for decades. Putting a hydrophobic coating on these condensers would save millions of dollars in fuel and thousands of tons of CO2 every year for each power plant. Until now there hasn’t been a coating that survives long enough while providing good thermal performance. We invented and patented a durable hydrophobic coating at MIT and invented a way to manufacture it at an industrial scale.

2014 Gold Winner
Energy / Clean Tech

Anfiro is developing ultra high-permeability membranes for water purification. Our step increase in membrane permeability results in transformative cost reductions by enabling small-scale cost effective systems. The massive footprint reduction translates into large CAPEX savings, while the lower operating pressure results in a decreased energy requirement and associated operating cost. Anfiro's ultra-high permeability membranes are enabling clean and affordable water for a better tomorrow.

2013 Gold Winner
Efficiency + Energy / Clean Tech

Fouling - deposition of ash on surfaces of boilers affects coal and biofuel powered power plants. Deposits reduce energy transfer from the combustion fuel to heated water and steam. In a typical base load boiler losses due to fouling top 5%, $25 million annually. Today there is no fouling sensing technology to direct cleaning of the boiler, driving up maintenance costs and inefficiencies. Our technology can directly measure the fouling buildup and create a close loop to optimize cleaning.

2012 Gold Winner
Energy / Clean Tech

Dynamo Micropower is developing a small gas generator (<30 kW) that provides the operational benefits of a gas turbine and the capital costs of traditional diesel gensets. This is achieved by leveraging a novel proprietary architecture that can utilize fuels on site, requires little maintenance and as designed for scale manufacturing. These unique features will allow Dynamo to dominate the market, while the novel architecture enables low cost production and scalable design.

Sidecar Winners
2014 Sidecar Winner
High Tech + Efficiency + General

CarKnow produces hardware and software designed to capture and generate vehicle data. The CARduino connects to in-vehicle networks, adds digital sensors, and mirrors a user's car in the Cloud. A high-security API features privacy controls and allows developers to build applications to improve the vehicle use and ownership experience. Developers can build applications using our universal API to improve fuel economy, reduce congestion, and improve the vehicle experience. Smart cars = happy drivers

2013 Sidecar Winner

Raja Systems can cut the cost of generating electricity in remote locations in half. A common solution for generating electricity in a remote location is a hybrid power system including a diesel generator, solar PV, and a battery. For a power system like this with multiple sources of electricity generation, it is important to make smart decisions about when to use each of the generation resources. Our software forecasts solar production and electricity consumption to improve the coordination of

Silver Winners
2016 Silver Winner
Efficiency + Energy / Clean Tech

The primary limiting factor of an electric vehicle’s performance is the power and energy capabilities of its energy storage by directly affecting its range, cost, power, and lifetime. Electra’s hybrid energy storage module is a product of electrical engineering combined with chemistry: our system marries the high energy density of safe battery chemistries with the high power density storage creating an efficient hybrid solution optimized for a vehicle’s performance and application.

2015 Silver Winner
Transportation & Logistics

Our blue-sky transportation solution serves people in low-density cities by providing access to the places they want to go. For the healthcare world that means providing large patient populations with direct and efficient access to clinical services. Easy to use, automated, reliable, and friendly.

RubyRide increases access to facilities, practically eliminates the opportunity for fraud and mis-use, and empowers sponsors to measure effectiveness.

Everyone gets what they need.

2014 Silver Winner
Energy / Clean Tech + Efficiency

AutoAgronom provides a unique solution that empowers farmers to practice sustainable agriculture. Our systems enable growers to increase yields by up to 30% and save up to 50% of water and 70% of fertilizers. Our patented technologies “listen” to plants and react in real-time to their needs, optimizing levels of oxygen, water and nutrients. We offer potential customers who cultivate large areas in green houses or open fields a complete service package with an annual fee based on area size.