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Gold Winners
2015 Gold Winner
Efficiency + Materials

Laundry is about to be reinvented! Current laundry machines use 20 gallons of water and significant amount of detergent to remove just one table spoon of dirty oil compounds, giving a cleaning efficiency of less than 1%. This inefficient process makes an average hotel spend $10K on water and detergent per month! With AquaFresco close-loop laundry technology, 95% of the water and detergent cost can be saved, capturing a market opportunity over $2B/yr.

2014 Gold Winner
Efficiency + Efficiency + Generation

Power plants have been stuck using the same inefficient condensers for decades. Putting a hydrophobic coating on these condensers would save millions of dollars in fuel and thousands of tons of CO2 every year for each power plant. Until now there hasn’t been a coating that survives long enough while providing good thermal performance. We invented and patented a durable hydrophobic coating at MIT and invented a way to manufacture it at an industrial scale.

2013 Gold Winner

Bio-Adhesive Alliance produces an adhesive that is low cost and durable and can be utilized as a substitute to petroleum-based asphalt. It is a green product obtained from a thermochemical process that converts swine manure to liquid asphalt. It has applications is pavement, construction, roofing, sealing, and carpeting. It improves pavement quality due to its enhanced water resistibility and temperature tolerance resulting in significant savings in pavement construction and maintenance.