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Diamond Winners
2015 Diamond Winner
Efficiency + Efficiency

For the long-haul trucking market which faces large diesel costs, Hyliion is developing an add-on hybrid system for tractor trailers that will reduce their total fuel consumption by 30%, with an ROI of less than one year. In addition, it will improve the driver’s quality of life as well as reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. We strive to offer a high quality solution that will lead the industry towards a more efficient and safe means of transporting goods.

2013 Diamond Winner
Hardware & Robotics

RailPod robots increase the frequency and quality of day-to-day railroad track inspections. Through cost effective robots and data as a service RailPod ensures the safety of railroad track inspectors while providing much needed big data to the multi-billion dollar track inspection industry. RailPod robots provide railroad track inspectors with repeatable and quantifiable data in real time, allowing railroads to make timely decisions that improve bottom line revenue and safety of passengers.

2012 Diamond Winner
General + Design + Manufacturing

Whether delivering a package for FedEx, carrying luggage for the TSA or just lifting in a warehouse, $50 Billion is spent compensating injuries from workers who lift incorrectly. Strong Arm Technologies, Inc. has developed an elegant solution to those expenditures. The Strong Arm Vest takes the forces of a load and disperses them to stronger more stable areas of the lifters torso, in doing so it constrains the user into a proper ergonomic lifting posture. Workers lift safer and with less effort.

Gold Winners
2015 Gold Winner
Telecommunications & Mobile

Converge is an end-to-end solution for IoT in industry. We connect existing sensors across industries such as construction or manufacturing with our hardware nodes and provide automated, accurate real time monitoring through our software platform. Our hardware runs a low frequency mesh network and reports data back to our servers for analysis. We've started with construction, and are implementing our technology with one of the largest construction companies in Europe.

2015 Gold Winner
Gaming & Consumer

Digital and print displays dominate our lives - yet today’s flat displays only show an impoverished slice of reality. To solve the big problems that have prevented glasses-free 3D from going mainstream, Lumii is developing the first commercial light field engine: the evolution of our research at MIT. We can't wait to bring it into your hands.

At Lumii, we are fundamentally changing the way people build glasses-free 3D digital and print displays, by replacing optics with software intelligence.

2013 Gold Winner
Hardware & Robotics

Silverside Detectors helps governments reduce the threat of nuclear terrorism. Our lithium thermal neutron detection technology matches the performance of standard He-3 radiation detectors, but at 1/10th the price. This inexpensive radiation sensor is low-cost and efficient enough to be a "connected device" for networks of discreet detectors within and around cities, in transportation pathways, and nuclear material storage sites.

Sidecar Winners
2014 Sidecar Winner
High Tech + Efficiency + General

CarKnow produces hardware and software designed to capture and generate vehicle data. The CARduino connects to in-vehicle networks, adds digital sensors, and mirrors a user's car in the Cloud. A high-security API features privacy controls and allows developers to build applications to improve the vehicle use and ownership experience. Developers can build applications using our universal API to improve fuel economy, reduce congestion, and improve the vehicle experience. Smart cars = happy drivers

Silver Winners
2016 Silver Winner
Internet of Things

Loginno has developed a patented wireless device and system ​to convert standard shipping containers into smart containers, capable of reporting container movements, locations, intrusions and much more, at no or negligible cost to the shipping company​. This stands to lead a disruption in the shipping industry, bringing it online and into the Internet of Things (IoT). We have partnered with leading enterprise software giant SAP to provide fleet-wide the world biggest intra-Asia shipping company.

2016 Silver Winner
Efficiency + Energy / Clean Tech

The primary limiting factor of an electric vehicle’s performance is the power and energy capabilities of its energy storage by directly affecting its range, cost, power, and lifetime. Electra’s hybrid energy storage module is a product of electrical engineering combined with chemistry: our system marries the high energy density of safe battery chemistries with the high power density storage creating an efficient hybrid solution optimized for a vehicle’s performance and application.

2016 Silver Winner
Hardware & Robotics

We provide fast motion sensing based on 3D imaging . Our CMOS sensors promise to revolutionize automotive safety by making LIDAR functionality affordable ; they also enable autonomous industrial vehicle and smart buildings that adapt to occupancy.
3D imager characteristics
• resolution ( > 1.5 mm distance, 160x120 pixels imaging),
• accuracy (operations under bright or dark lighting condition),
• medium range (>50m, VCSEL arrays s),
• speed (>300-1000 fps)
• low cost (50-250$)

2016 Silver Winner
Agriculture + Energy / Clean Tech

DryGro is an Oxford-based AgTech venture that grows food in the desert. Using proprietary technology, DryGro can grow food in high-temperature environments using 99% less water than conventional agriculture. DryGro has the potential to significantly disrupt food markets globally. At scale, this technology could open up unproductive desert land to economic food production, making a significant impact on global food security and water conservation. Lets make the deserts bloom.

2015 Silver Winner
Transportation & Logistics

Our blue-sky transportation solution serves people in low-density cities by providing access to the places they want to go. For the healthcare world that means providing large patient populations with direct and efficient access to clinical services. Easy to use, automated, reliable, and friendly.

RubyRide increases access to facilities, practically eliminates the opportunity for fraud and mis-use, and empowers sponsors to measure effectiveness.

Everyone gets what they need.

2013 Silver Winner
Internet & Web

Tripzon™ is the first dynamic packaging platform for planning and booking complex trips. We provide a smart itinerary system for flights, hotels, activities, car, and other travel components. With Tripzon, users create and manage custom trips all in one place and save, eliminating the tedious process of having to visit and transact on multiple websites. Unlike traditional online agencies, our system offers itinerary sharing, multi-destination booking, and multi-component checkout.