23 April 2020

A Message to Our Community

Written by Siobhan Dullea

We are in unprecedented times. The global health crisis caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has already begun to send shockwaves through almost every aspect of our lives. This is an incredibly challenging time for everyone, including our startups, our partners, and our communities. But we do know that time will pass and we believe that that actions we take today will determine what our future looks like. This is why we remain committed to helping entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses during this crisis – innovators today are working on the ideas, tools, and technologies that will help us recover quicker and build a better tomorrow. 

At MassChallenge, the wellbeing of our community is extremely important to us, as is our larger role in helping to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19’s impact. Because of this, MassChallenge offices around the world are closed, in-person events are now virtual, and our US staff is working remotely until at least June 1, 2020 and our staff in Mexico, Switzerland, and Israel is working remotely for the foreseeable future. Our team is continuing to help startups get access to the tools and resources they need during this uncertain time.  

We continue to closely follow guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO), national health organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local health departments; our leadership remains vigilant in working with international and regional authorities to monitor the virus and its implications. MassChallenge is moving forward with our 2020 programs because we believe that now – more than ever – is the right time to invest in entrepreneurs with big, bold ideas that will change our world.

  • MassChallenge HealthTech and MassChallenge FinTech worked with their startup and partner organizations to ensure a smooth transition to a virtual program in mid-March. These programs will continue to operate virtually and will conclude in early June.
  • MassChallenge Israel’s virtual cohort began on April 20 and will run through the end of July, as planned. The 42 international startups are currently connecting with local experts, participating in exclusive engagements and content sessions, and working directly with more than 300 global mentors via remote platforms.
  • MassChallenge Switzerland’s cohort will begin virtually in July with the goal of transitioning to in-person programming and events when we can ensure the safety of our community. Participating startups will receive all of the same benefits of the in-person program with the advantage of additional access to the resources, programming, expert mentorship, and communities in MassChallenge’s broader global network. 
  • MassChallenge Boston’s, MassChallenge Rhode Island’s, and MassChallenge Texas (Austin and Houston)’s cohort will begin virtually in June with the goal of transitioning to in-person programming and events when we can ensure the safety of our community. New this year, these programs will partner to provide startups with enhanced online access to local and national expertise, networks and resources. Specifically, the more than 200 participating startups will have the opportunity to connect with more than 2,500 industry experts, 100 partners, hundreds of hours programming, events, and more.
  • MassChallenge Mexico closed its application for its 2020 program on April 22 and began the first round of its judging process. The program will run from July to November 2020, as scheduled. We are currently working with key stakeholders and public health officials to determine if we’ll need to begin our 2020 program virtually. As the situation is evolving rapidly, we’ll provide an update on our plans in the coming weeks. Our goal is to provide the same level of support to our entrepreneurs, partners, and our community while protecting their wellbeing during this time. 

MassChallenge itself was founded during a time of uncertainty, and we know what it takes to weather a storm. We know that by working together, by investing in entrepreneurs, and by continuing to grow, develop, and evolve our innovation ecosystems, we can build a stronger future for all. If you have any urgent questions for us, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at

We are all in this together.

Siobhan Dullea
MassChallenge CEO


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