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10 MassChallenge Startups Developing Clean…

Inspiring Efficiency:
Dynamo Micropower is developing cleaner, smaller, more powerful portable micro-turbine generators. The primary advantages of the TurboCore generator are smaller size, lower maintenance, and greater fuel flexibility compared to reciprocating engines of similar power range.
(7.5kW Micro Turbine)
HydroConfidences technology will help lower direct producer energy costs, improve overall emissions associated with drilling natural gas, while mitigating risks to surrounding groundwater. Learn more about HydroConfidences mission and services from the video below.
ThinkLite is an efficiency firm that provides energy efficient lighting solutions to businesses and households at no upfront costs. ThinkLite uses advanced technologies to measure energy consumed by lighting; and provides turnkey solutions.
Renewing Waste
PK Clean is able to transform the most painful waste (plastic) into the most useful energy. PK Clean extracts oil and gas from plastics through a catalytic depolymerization process, which can be sold for industrial purposes.
Sanergy is making hygienic sanitation affordable, accessible, and sustainable. They franchise a network of their sanitation centers throughout slums and collect the waste from each center and convert it to electricity and fertilizer.
Invisergy has developed a cost-effective, transparent solar energy generating window that will revolutionize building sustainability.
STG International (previously operating as the Solar Turbine Group) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They have developed a novel solar energy technology that is sized to provide electricity and hot water to off-grid clinics and schools.
Resolute Marine Energy is developing technologies that produce clean energy from ocean waves to power desalination systems. Their COO, Olivier Ceberio was recently awarded Engineer of the Year 2012 in the category Sustainable Development by Usine Nouvelle.
(Paddle ready for beach deployment in North Carolina, Dec 2012. Photo Courtesy of Olivier Ceberio)
Altaeros Energies is developing a breakthrough airborne wind turbine to produce abundant, low cost, renewable energy. The video below shows Altaeross prototype in action.
Black Island Wind Turbines is currently developing the HRx series of high-reliability wind turbines. These are the toughest wind turbines on the planet tested in Antarctica and will soon be offered commercially.
Remember to follow these MC Alum and more clean tech startups as they grow, develop, and continue to make an impact creating a sustainable world for us all.
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