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5 2014 Startups for Black Friday (and Cyber…




For anyone one your list who is into sustainability and is looking for a comfortable personalization option for their tablet or laptop, reFleece is the product for you! Made from reclaimed textiles and recycled bottles, reFleece covers will give your tech a warm, cozy feel for the winter.

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Pet owners will love this. PetSimpl’s Pip device is a small GPS and activity tracker for dogs and cats with great battery life, nationwide coverage and added connectivity. Unlike other, clunkier, subscription-based tracking devices that are unweildly and uncomfortable for your pet, Pip has no monthly fees and will constantly be upgraded with new features!

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pocketmonkey-closeup-nextToKnife-bg.jpgZootility Tools

A perfect stocking stuffer, Zootility Tools’ wallet-sized PocketMonkey will make you a hero at any social gathering you attend. Not only does it include 12 awesome functions, but it’s also TSA-compliant, for all the travelers out there!

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Asulia Foods

If there is a vegan someone in your life that feels bad about being left out of delicious lunches and dinners, Asulia Foods is there to level the playing field! Asulia’s line of fusion vegan dumplings in kale, chickpea, and taro root, make eating vegan exciting!

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Winter is coming, and with winter, the SADs (seasonal affective disorder)!SunSprite is a wearable device invented by MDs that tracks your light & UV exposure to improve energy, mood & sleep. Sunsprite is the perfect gift to make sure your giftee stays active, happy, and healthy during the cold winter months.


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