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5 Reasons Minute To Pitch It 2015 Is A Cant…


1.     Missed your afternoon cup of coffee? This event will get your energy up!

WARNING: This event is not for the dull and the lifeless. As a member of the audience, you WILL find your jaws dropping to the floor in reaction to all the amazingness–until you start uncontrollably cheering and clapping, that is. Consider the entrepreneurs, getting up in front of a crowd full of hyped up entrepreneurial enthusiasts. Quite an adrenaline rush, right? But as the audience member you are likely to enjoy the rush even MORE than the finalists. Minute To Pitch It is fun, fast paced, and high-octane, without the pressure of having to pitch yourself. You’re bound to walk out of the event with an indescribable buzz and a huge smile on your face. 

2.      YOU decide the winner — the power is yours! 

MassChallenge recently hosted a Deep Dive Day fully dedicated to crafting the perfect pitch. Superstar pitchers like Tamsen Webster, David Chang, and Jay Batson bestowed their plentiful wisdom upon the finalists, who took that advice to heart and have been practicing ever since. And theyre doing it all for you! After all, YOU will be deciding which MassChallenge finalist walks out with the title 

3.     Learn Something, Teach Something

Collaboration makes the world go round. This is a truly unique opportunity to witness pitches from both the first timers and the true experts, in a demo day format. Even if youre a pro at pitching, by attending and observing, you can always learn something new from these guys. Theyre master of the trade — artistes if you will — and they probably have some tricks up their sleeve you wont believe you didnt think of. Likewise, perhaps as a member of the audience you will be able to pipe up and let them know some tips of your own. This is a helping and encouraging community for learning and sharing new ideas with peers.

4.     Incredible Networking Opportunity

MassChallenge events always churn out a pretty cool crowd, what with all our finalists, alum, sponsors, partners, and friends in the Boston startup community. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and form some connections. Perhaps you and the CEO of an awesome company will bond over a common idea in pitching–or the delicious finger food, whatever works.

5.     Its free and open to all who are interested!

No matter who you are, where youre from, or what your reason, we welcome you to enjoy this incredible event with us! 

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