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5 Ways MassChallenge Helps Gradberry Accelerate


1. Overhead

Electricity, office space, and Internet. These are just three fiscal black holes that start-ups are confronted by. Overhead is often the reason why start-ups end up developing in a founder’s bedroom or garage. In fact, Steve Jobs used both in the earliest days of Apple. Luckily for us, MassChallenge has helped make many overhead costs disappear, allowing the Gradberry team to focus on helping students and graduates develop skills and find jobs.


Gradberry is a growing company with an exciting future. However there are still many big decisions to be made. Mass Challenge has provided impressive and experienced mentors to help us navigate the various obstacles we will face. Mentors have helped us build a strategy to get the most out of MassChallenge and soar beyond our potential as entrepreneurs.

3. Events

MassChallenge hosts events on a daily basis that feature professionals that have in-depth knowledge related to entrepreneurship. With all the various challenges faced by start-ups, it is hugely advantageous to hear from experts discuss specific difficulties and ways they can be overcome.


4. Facilities

As mentioned before, MassChallenge takes care of many of the overhead worries start-ups face, including office space. But they do more than simply provide desks and chairs. The MassChallenge facility is optimal for breeding creativity and meeting the various needs of entrepreneurs. This includes, but is not limited to: event spaces for speakers to come in and share their knowledge, the intelligent use of color to make the interior visually dynamic, and conference rooms that can be reserved for confidential meeting and brainstorming sessions. They also provide special rooms that function as phone booths where calls can be made confidentially and without exterior noise.

5. Ping-pong

The lives of entrepreneurs are often stressful, especially during critical periods of development such as accelerators. MassChallenge does a lot to help them by taking care of many essential costs and providing features such as mentors and events. But they go a step further. A weekly happy hour, ping-pong games, and a recreational space all so the entrepreneurs can relax and have fun. In addition to being a definite boost to mental health, it helps facilitate networking that goes far beyond the walls of MassChallenge

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