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6 Companies That Will Definitely be Turning…

Ajiri Tea Company
The word Ajiri means to employ in Swahili. Ajiri Tea Company aims to create a sustainable cycle of employment and education and, of course, a delicious cup of Kenyan Coffee and Tea! The team at Ajiri currently employs 63 women to hand-make each label with dried bark from banana trees. 100% of their profits go back to Kenya to pay school fees for orphans.
At the Showcase, youll be lucky enough to sample Ajiris Black Tea, Black Tea with Mango, Black Tea with Ginger, Black Tea with Lemon, Rooibos, and their Kenyan AA Coffee. Stop by, sip some tasty tea, and learn about the 29 Kenyan students theyre sponsoring.
Calling all sports fans and athletes! SidelineSwap is a marketplace where people connect to buy, sell, and trade sporting goods. The $15bn market for second-hand sporting goods is a massive and lucrative one that has previously been untapped until now. SidelineSwap allows everyday athletes and fans to upload thousands of new items each month to their site, making it the best place for buyers to find highly discounted or hard-to-find sporting goods, and for sellers to turn their old sporting goods into cash.
Want to learn more or sign up? Look out for cool pieces of gear from college hockey and lacrosse teams at the Showcase SidelineSwap will be displaying some of the sporting goods available on their website, so you can see for yourself the awesome stuff they have to offer.
Dash Electric
We can probably all agree: commuting sucks. Dash Electric solves that problem. Dash seeks to eliminate the stress and aggravation of the morning commute by providing a vehicle that is so fun to ride youll actually look forward to going to and from work every day.
Dash brings you an affordable and lightweight electric longboard kit that can easiliy be mounted onto any longboard. It can go anywhere you can, and can but can also take you up hills and brake going downhill to give you a safe and efficient ride. On Wednesday, the team at Dash Electric will be showcasing their demo boards, and bringing their hub motors for the first time ever in public. Stop by, learn more, and test out its awesomeness!
Orange Photonics
The legal marijuana market is expected to be $10 billion by 2018. Orange Photonics is poised to meet the needs of growers, retailers and regulators with a portable and low-cost marijuana potency analyzer. The Orange Photonics LightLab potency analyzer can accurately measure THC and CBD, key marijuana components.
As you might imagine, this finalist wont be giving out free samples of potent cannabis for the purposes of the Showcase, Orange Photonics will be using alcohol as a stand-in for marijuana. In fact, the companys flexible technology can be easily reconfigured to serve numerous markets including tobacco, petroleum, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Come armed with any questions you have about the booming legal marijuana market; the team at Orange Photonics encourages curiosity and open conversation, and theyll be ready with answers.
Flying SpArk
Flying SpArk has found a new and unexpected use for insects: as a source of protein in food. This food-tech company (based in Israel) manufactures protein powder based on insect larvae as a superior source of animal protein. Flying SpArk incorporates this nutritious substance into various food products, and aims to replace traditional protein powders used today.
Keeping in mind the possibility of a food crisis in 2040 (as predicted by the UN), Flying SpArk provides a sustainable source of animal protein that is high in fiber, micro-nutrients, and minerals, low in fat, cholesterol-free, and extremely cost-efficient. The team has developed a state-of-the-art facility in Israel for larvae rearing on a large industrial scale. Dying to know how it tastes? Brave folks with adventurous palettes are welcome to sample some of their food products made from fruit fly larvae protein powder (available for the first time publicly!) at the Startup Showcase.

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