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MassChallenge has supported 617 companies from all around the world. A unique characteristic of MassChallenge is that we work with startups in any industry, which means that our companies all have grown and raised funding at different paces. In fact, of our 30 companies who have been acquired, 22 are high tech companies. We have learned at MassChallenge that some companies, such as our web and mobile startups, are able to raise funding and achieve an exit quick. Other companies, such as Life Science/Healthcare and Energy & Clean Tech, take much longer to produce a proof of concept, raise funding and reach scale.

With the most recent metrics, we wanted to dig deeper in our data and see what companies are raising the most funding. As you can see in the chart below, the highest-raising companies on average are in the Transportation and Logistics industry, such as Relay Rides (MC’10) and Zagster (MC’12). The second highest industry are Energy Generation companies such as Ubiquitous Energy (MC’11) and 7AC Technologies (MC’10). This chart shows how each industry preforms in terms of funding raised to date:

For a bit more insight, here is a list of some of our alumni who have raised some of the highest amounts of funding to date:

Company Name Class Industry Funding Raised
7AC Technologies 2010 Energy & Clean Tech – Energy generation $11,100,000
Altaeros Energies 2010 Energy & Clean Tech – Energy generation $7,000,000
CoachUp 2012 High Tech – Online commerce & marketplaces $9,400,000
EverTrue 2011 High Tech – Web & mobile $14,500,000
FloDesign Sonics 2010 Energy & Clean Tech – Water treatment $10,600,000
Getable 2010 High Tech – Online commerce & marketplaces $10,800,000 2011 Life Science/Healthcare – Healthcare IT $28,200,000
Handy 2012 High Tech – Gaming & consumer $60,700,000
iSpecimen Inc. 2012 Life Science/Healthcare – Healthcare IT $10,000,000
Localytics 2010 High Tech – Enterprise software $58,100,000
peerTransfer 2010 High Tech – Financial Technology $43,200,000
Qstream 2011 High Tech – Web & mobile $8,900,000
RelayRides 2010 General – Transportation & logistics $62,500,000
Sample6 Technologies 2010 Life Science/Healthcare – Therapeutics & delivery $14,800,000
Ubiquitous Energy 2011 Energy & Clean Tech – Energy generation $7,800,000

For even more insight into this most updated MassChallenge alumni metrics, take a look at our interactive metrics dashboard.

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