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Alumni in Space


Retired astronaut Frank Borman once said, exploration is really the essence of the human spirit. While most of us will never feel the thrill of orbiting hundreds of miles above our planet, there are explorers among us on earth whose curiosity has created impact of galactic proportions.

Its hard to imagine where wed be as a societyeven a specieswithout entrepreneurs. Not only are they making us healthier, our cities safer, and our businesses more efficient, but theyre making all of us a whole lot more optimistic along the way. They are living proof that no idea is too big or too crazy, because with the right support, ideas can turn into realities.

Today was the perfect demonstration of the impact of entrepreneurship. This afternoon, we witnessed two alumni from our 2015 cohort launch research up to the International Space Station onboard SpaceX Dragon. Talk about crazy!

Hoping to improve life on earth through research in space, Biorasis and Launchpad Medical have spent the past two years working with MC partners CASIS and Boeing to outline projects fit for a micro-gravity environment. With our partners support, Biorasis will study the accuracy of a wireless, medically implantable biosensor for day-to-day diabetes management. This is critical considering the global diabetic population is projected to reach 366 million by 2030, according to the World Health Organization. Equally pressing, Launchpad Medical will study whether synthetic material can accelerate bone repair within minutespotentially developing a more effective treatment for patients with osteoporosis.

Were anxious to see the results of their studies, but regardless of the outcome, are inspired by their passion and determination to succeed. Its a great reminder for all of usentrepreneurs, partners, mentors, and the communityto never stop exploring!


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