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The Best Show(case) on Earth

The wide variety of industries was on display as teams used all sorts of techniques to show how they are pushing the envelope in their respective fields. GGs Originals played an important role they provided snacks for the night to keep everyone energized. Memory on Hand and eone both had very engaging booths, showing off their portable USB wristbands and incredible braille watch respectively. Other Finalists such as Pegasus Wear, Casa Couture and Ministry of Supply had their products on display to show how they can simultaneously improve style and practicality.  
Some of the companies that dont have a physical product to display did a great job of attracting interest in different ways. One that stood out was EcoValuePoints, who put up enormous green balloons representing their mission of encouraging Co2 removal from the atmosphere through their coupon and consumer rewards program. Another effective way Finalists showcased non-physical products was through simply showing off their great websites! Teams such as Tomorrowish, Fantasy Politics, Vsnap and Wanderu all had their sites running at full function to show how they can improve various aspects of the digital experience.
Exploring the Showcase – #mcss2012 Scavenger Hunt
One exciting mini-event last night was the scavenger hunt we provided every attendee with nine clues. The participant who achieved the most success finding teams that applied to those clues won a free ticket to our Awards Ceremony in October! The big winner last night was Meredith Childs from The Capital Network, going nine for nine in a mere hour and twenty-three minutes. Below we have the clues provided last night  – match the clues to the answers at the bottom!
#Q1 These entrepreneurs have recipes for success
#Q2 – These startups are fashioned with care
#Q3 Meet a new school of startup
#Q4 Entrepreneurship is definitely a journey to these teams
#Q5 We Help Entrepreneurs Win. They do the same for athletes.
#Q6 Leave these teams to their own (medical) devices.
#Q7 Meet a startup making change in dollars & cents
#Q8 Video killed the radio star(tup)
#Q9 These energetic startups keep their tech spotless
a. These Finalists are tackling education in new ways! This includes teams like Gradeable, Native Brain, NBA Math Hoops and Prepmatic.
b. These Finalists offer new technologies to help advance modern medicine! Answers could include many teams, including WindGap Medical, Photoral and LittleBonsai.
c. Teams that would work for this question help athletes in a number of ways! Answers include CoachUp, HelmetHub and Pegasus Wear
d. For this clue the answers included any team that makes food! This could have included Cocomama, GGs Originals, Lovin Spoonfuls and Sweet Corn Tortilla Chips.
e. This was one of the easier clues pretty much any clean tech team would work here!
f. Correct answers here would include team that are improving your style and ease of work Ministry of Supply, Pegasus Performance and Casa Couture for example.
g. Teams that would be correct for this question are ones that are changing video, such as ZoomTilt.
h. For this clue, we were looking for teams that are changing finance. This would include Capital Market Exchange and CalcBench.
i. For this clue, answers would include teams that help simplify travel! Correct answers would be GRIT, HelmetHub, RouteSprout, Te Tama, Trip Reactor and Wanderu.
How did you do? Think your team fits into one of the clues? Let us know at @masschallenge!

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