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Find Your Holiday Gifts From These 2019 MassChallenge Startups


With the holiday gift giving season just ahead of us, we thought we’d highlight 15 Boston and Rhode Island cohort startups from 2019 that produce a wide variety compelling goods and services.

Got a pet? Check out Buppy Pets.

Know a hockey player? Find RezzTek.

Know people who wear clothes? Browse Impact Everything, Love Joy, and Radian.

The point is, there are a lot of different options to choose from below. From tech to health to child development toys, there is something here for everyone. And you’d be supporting these new, growing startups! A win-win.

Aisling Organics

Aisling Organics is a revolutionary line of high-performance and organic makeup started after the founder had been sick for years and discovered her foundation was the culprit of her daily migraines and nausea.

The product she had been using contained formaldehyde, flame retardants and more – things you’d expect to find in an auto shop and most certainly not your beloved beauty products. Not being able to find an alternative that actually worked and was truly pure led to the concept.

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Buppy Pets

Dogs are experts at sneaking your snacks, especially the foods you love. As pet owners, we avoid sharing food because what we eat isn’t always good for them, and sometimes, not good for us either. That’s why we worked hard to create snacks you could enjoy together without the guilt. Each recipe contains 4 ingredients inspired by human snacks that dogs love, but recrafted making them healthy and wholesome with all the same delicious flavors. Pets are treated every day, let’s treat them well.

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CONBODY is facilitating an opportunity-filled lifestyle by empowering our community to realize success lies within. We hire formerly incarcerated individuals to build personal discipline through a unique blend of cardiovascular training and bodyweight exercises that take advantage of the resistance properties of everyday objects. In addition, we’re changing the views of formerly incarcerated individuals to be changed by allowing professionals to interact with formerly incarcerated individuals.

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Feel Good Lab

We started The Feel Good Lab because there weren’t any over-the-counter pain relievers that we personally wanted to use. For arthritis sufferers, athletes, and everyone in-between, getting extra relief used to require compromising overall health with pills like ibuprofen or smelly pain creams that contain toxic fillers and preservatives.

So, we fixed all that. Our products were developed by an expert pharmacist using only clean ingredients. We call it ‘Relief Without Compromise’.

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goTeff is a company using Teff—a super-food from Ethiopia, with a vision to sell Teff products in the US while investing in Ethiopian farmers. Teff is an ancient grain, 4000+ years old and known to fuel the record-holding runners of Ethiopia. goTeff’s first product is a low-sugar instant breakfast meal that offers more protein and fiber per serving than its competitors. Our mission-driven business model reinvests profits into farmers in the form of solar irrigation and gives them market access.

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Impact Everything

Imagine if the clothing you wear helps sustain ethical employment. If your household goods not only benefit you but also our planet. If the accessories that bring you joy touches other lives too. Impact Everything is this store where every purchase makes an impact. Furthermore, each year our customers travel abroad with us to experience how their purchases directly give back. In 2018, we planted 1,930 trees, provided 6,486 meals, funded 2,680 hours of education, and made 13,109 impacts total.

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Invent Boston

Kids are tactile. It’s fun to press the Two Minute Turtle Timer button, guess which flipper will blink first, watch, then follow the blinking flipper till the Victory Lap for the full 2 minutes. Kids are motivated to do their healthy habit without reminders-brush teeth, stretch, wait, go potty, talk. It’s intuitive, simple, & effective. Designed by parents to solve our problems. Not another screen at bedtime. Solely 5-star reviews on Amazon & Etsy parents say, “Turtle has transformed bedtime.”

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They also have a Brick and Mortar location: 297 Thayer St, Providence, RI.


Jamber uses science to reinvent everyday objects, like coffee mugs and other housewares, to bring back the joy of living. Founded by husband-wife team, Allen & Diana Arseneau, after watching their grandfather struggle with lifting a cup. Jamber launched with the Jamber mug, and was featured on the Today Show in July 2019. Jamber is leveraging its team of world leading experts in product design, digital marketing, medicine, and manufacturing to turn Jamber into a household brand.

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Love Joy

As a curvy girl, Founder, Dominique Aubry has always had issues finding clothes that fit her. After three decades of ill-fitting pants, dresses and skirts, endless hours wasted shopping and returning clothes, and never feeling truly comfortable she said NO MORE and went on a journey to make clothes that fit her body shape.

Dominique is on a mission to design apparel that fits curvy-shaped women everywhere so that we can stay comfortable and look good. All day. Every day.

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Proud Pour

Exceptional wines, cider, beer, and spirits that protect the Earth. Sustainably produced and available in 800 shops in 21 states, our drinks are a storytelling platform for the environment. Through September 2019 we’ve sold 160,000 bottles giving back to 22 environmental nonprofits protecting bees, wild oyster reefs, and sea turtles. In 2020 we’re launching rich augmented reality experiences to help those nonprofits reach millions of people who’ve never heard their stories. #CheerstoChange

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With limited options, women have to sacrifice comfort and utility for style. Something as essential as pockets is missing from most women’s clothes, especially jeans. Radian jeans have deep subtle pockets to carry everyday essential items, like phone, keys, wallet etc. and feature technical fabric with performance features. Our Kickstarter Campaign raised about $250,000 in revenue in 60 days and we’ve been featured in media outlets like Boston Globe, WBUR, BostonInno and Mental Floss.

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The same speaker structure has been used for over a century in virtually all sound-emitting products. It’s cone-shaped, hence the shape of the volume icon. Resonado is the first to ever introduce a speaker structure that’s better in every way. Our patented Flat Core Speaker is thinner, lighter, sustainable, more efficient, fully scaleable, and its structure has unprecedented freedom of design. Sound is everywhere: in consumer electronics, cars, stadiums. Our vision is to enhance all of them.

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Rezztek® aims to set a new market standard for professional and amateur hockey players. Rezztek®’s patented material for the hockey stick’s blade allows for better puck control, faster and more accurate shots and is fully customizable to players’ needs. The material also creates a new platform for branding and advertising. Rezztek® was developed with Boston Bruins captain, Zdeno Chara, who is a user and passionate supporter.

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Waku was created to bring an ancestral tradition from the Andes Mountains to life for consumers around the world. The uniqueness of our products comes from the authenticity of our formulations – Waku was not created in a lab, but instead inherited from our ancestors. This plant based tonic not only improves digestive health for the consumer, but preserves the cultural heritage from the indigenous communities and the recipe that has been part of Ecuadorian diets for centuries.

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Yad is a social enterprise that aims to empower people with disabilities by allowing them to express themselves through art and profit from their work. Yad manufactures unique home decor products emblazoned with artwork created by people with intellectual disabilities, including Down syndrome, Autism and Cerebral palsy. All works are hand drawn and painted by them. Yad maintains its center for artistic creation in Margarita Tejada, Guatemala City, and pays each one of its artists.

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