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Calling All Book Lovers!

Libboo is launching its pilot and wants YOU to be a buzzer!
The publishing industry is evolving, and in response, Libboo has created a community that will allow fansor buzzersto interact with and promote the authors they read and love. With the launch of its pilot program this fall, Libboo will provide buzzers with the opportunity to earn rewards like free e-books, access to exclusive content, and the ability to connect with the authors they buzz about, all by doing what they love: geeking out about books.
The Libboo pilot will be a three-month program that will help authors get discovered, and significantly increase their influence and books sales through the use of Libboos proprietary technology. Upon the launch of the pilot, buzzers will be matched with books they will love and want to talk about. They will then be rewarded for spreading the word about those books. All buzzers will have the chance to earn free e-books to distribute amongst their friends and followers, and each month for the duration of the pilot, Libboo will give away e-readers packed with every book from the pilot to the top three buzzers that month.
A buzzer is an influencer who is passionate about books. Buzzers enjoy both finding and being the source of awesome content. People go to buzzers for recommendations, and then take action based on the recommendations given. Libboo will harness the power of buzzers and use that power to help talented authors gain visibility and promote their work.
Why should you be a buzzer? The more important question is, why not? You already read books and talk about them, so why not help out some great authors by spreading the word about their books, and earn some awesome rewards in the meantime? Visit to register for the pilot or email Katherine Pereira at for more information.
With partners and supporters ranging from MassChallenge and TechStars to the BBC and a number of the worlds largest publishers, Libboo seeks to help authors, whether they have a traditional publishing deal or have self-published, increase their chance of success by pairing their books with the correct buzzers. Readers and buzzers, on the other hand, are recognized and rewarded for bringing that talented author to the universe. As a proud partner of the National Literary Trust, Libboo believes in transforming lives using the power of reading.

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