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Catching Up with Our 2017 Winners Adeo Health…


Meet Adeo Health Science, a 2017 alum and $50K winner that just launched its first product, Inspired Start, to introduce infants to some of the most common allergens.

Clinical studies have shown that early introduction to foods like peanut, shrimp, and egg can be prevent allergies in infants by up to 80%. To help parents introduce allergens safely and conveniently, all Inspired Start pouches contain a puree made with organic fruits and non-GMO ingredients.

We had a chance to catch up with Clarence Friedman, Founder & CEO, about his experience going through the MC accelerator:

Take us back to MassChallenge Awards… what was going through your mind when you heard your startup name called to the stage?
We were surprised, but thrilled and genuinely honored as well. The startups participating in the finals were truly all so phenomenal, and many of them have become friends. It’s amazing to just be at the finals, the winning was incredibly exciting.

As a winner, how do you plan to use the cash prize to further accelerate growth?
We recently launched our first product Inspired Start baby foods on both our ecommerce site and on Amazon Prime. Our plan is to use the cash to build consumer trust and awareness by expanding our marketing efforts.

What would you say has been the key driver of your success throughout the program?
The mentors that MassChallenge has made accessible to us have been truly exceptional. They have become trusted advisors to us throughout the program. Many of our fellow startups have become resources to us as well, especially as we’ve thought about expanding our sales and operations.

What has been the hardest lesson to learn?
We’ve definitely learned how to pivot and be fluid in our strategy without losing our initial passion and vision. As a startup, it’s easy to fall in love with your idea, and learning to truly be flexible as we execute has been challenging at times. We’re getting better at it, but there’s always room to grow and learn!

What advice do you have for startups thinking about applying to MC?
DO. IT. Honestly, two of the primary challenges as an entrepreneur are executing and knowing when to accept help. MassChallenge is such an incredible launch pad for early entrepreneurs, in a way that is unique compared to other accelerators. They provide both high level strategic and day-to-day tactical support that is pragmatic and relevant. MassChallenge is a great place to get the help you didn’t even realize you needed and to make new ideas a reality. We built and launched a baby food line here, how much more real can you get?


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