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Celebrating the Top Digital Health Startups at MassChallenge HealthTech Finale 2019 


It has been an incredibly action-packed accelerator season for MassChallenge HealthTech. Earlier this year, we generated 30 partnerships between the world’s top 6-7% of digital health startups and industry-leading healthcare organizations who then set out to solve health’s most massive challenges.

The MassChallenge HealthTech team is privileged to have witnessed their success unfold first-hand throughout the past 4 months. Even more so,  we cannot wait to share the impact our cohort has achieved with you and our community at the MassChallenge HealthTech Finale next month.

Meet the top digital health startups

This year, we are accelerating 31 incredible startups  who are leading the charge in driving impact in the healthcare industry. While each and every startup is deserving of accolade, here are a few you should watch out for: 


Pixm prevents phishing attacks and improves cybersecurity.


How do large corporations protect sensitive data, such as patient-protected data, from phishing attacks? Arun Buduri, CEO of Pixm, is solving the industry’s growing concern on cybersecurity. Learn more about this 2017 MassChallenge Boston alum and current 2019 cohort member. 

Buoy Health

Buoy Health provides consumers with the ability to analyze their symptoms in real time.


Are you tired of using Google to understand your symptoms? Buoy Health has the answers! Buoy Health’s chat bot listens to your symptoms, identifies the problem and forms a plan.

Learn more about the startup that wants to guide you to the right care.


AzzTek measures biomarkers in patients who are at-risk for lung cancer.


At Opening Night, Joe Azzarelli, CEO of AzzTek, shares insights into the digital health industry and how a single-use breath test can identify a broad-variety of diseases. Learn more about the company that is leading the charge in supporting patients who are at risk of getting lung cancer and working to improve lung cancer screenings. 

Marigold Health

Marigold Health removes barriers to mental health care by amplifying the support community.


Shrenik Jain, CEO of Marigold Health, shares insights into the challenges around mental health care in the digital health industry. Learn more about the company that is building a text-based support group and empowering AI  to scale existing behavioral health providers.


Lighter combines data and nutrition to improve patient lives.


Do you know what you’re eating? Alexis Fox, CEO of Lighter, alongside her team, is looking to apply data-driven decision making to impact patient care through nutrition and diet.

Neteera Technologies

Neteera Technologies utilizes sensor technology to impact the healthcare industry.


How can sensor technology help healthcare providers understand what is in your environment? Learn more about the startup whose technology has implications in both the automotive and healthcare industry.

Frame Health

Frame Health enhances patient care and reduces healthcare costs with cloud-based software technology.


Did you know one of our startups is using cloud-based software to reduce healthcare costs and enhance the patient experience? Meet Bruce Ettinger, CEO of Frame Health, shares insights on using patient psychographic data to impact their patient experience and reduce hospital admissions.


Pumpspotting works to provide a global platform connecting breastfeeding mothers through technology.


It’s hard for mothers to balance their work lives with caring for their babies. Amy Van Haren, a mother herself, designed an innovative solution to support and connect breastfeeding mothers. Meet the startup that is looking to advance women’s health, educate communities on breastfeeding,  and support working mothers.


1upHealth focuses on automating data integrations within health systems and supporting healthcare providers.


Did you know that this startup was named after the mushroom in Mario Kart? Ricky Sahu, CEO of 1upHealth, is looking to automate data integrations within electronic medical records (EMRs) and integrate FHIR so health systems can get  1 leg up in improving patient care.

The Mighty

The Mighty fosters a community for patients to support one another during difficult healthcare experiences.


Everyone at times in their lives tends to feel lost, alone, and scared – especially if they are undergoing a complicated illness. Did you know The Mighty reaches over 80 million stories about the daily challenges that may impact a patient’s healthcare experience? Learn more about the startup that thinks like Facebook but brings the digital health community together.

Zakipoint Health

Zakipoint Health uses healthcare data to reduce employers’ healthcare costs.


Do you know how much your employer is spending on healthcare? Zakipoint Health is looking to help healthcare providers track wellness, claims, and biometric data to help them understand their employers’ healthcare benefits. Zakipoint Health is ready to lead the charge in helping employers reduce their healthcare costs while supporting their employees.

Celebrate our startups’ success and the top winners of the 2019 program

Did you know MassChallenge HealthTech will be awarding the top performing digital health startups in our program with $180K of non-equity cash prizes? Who will be the winners of the 2019 accelerator program? Register today to attend MassChallenge HealthTech Finale. Limited tickets available – and you don’t want to miss out! 




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