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City of Boston: FinTech Startup Challenges 2020 


The work of accelerators in Boston has been vital to creating an ecosystem in which entrepreneurs can thrive, and MassChallenge has been a leader in this space. Its programs have taken on our world’s most daunting and important challenges. Its community has brought together individuals and enterprises from all backgrounds. The City of Boston and the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development appreciate the continued partnership of the individuals and teams who make up this proud organization and look forward to collaborating for many years ahead.

Hear the City of Boston’s 2020 Challenges:


As a Partner with MassChallenge FinTech, the City recognizes an opportunity to not only support those who are reimagining the financial landscape, but to uncover collaborations that foster new possibilities for residents, businesses, families, and communities.

The pace of innovation in financial services is exciting and will inevitably bring new perspectives and increased access. We look forward to learning from this innovation and applying the ideas in ways that advance our City equitably and collectively.


Through collaboration with MassChallenge FinTech, the City of Boston and Mayor’s Office of Economic Development seek ideas and solutions that address any of the following topics:

1) Improving financial literacy across age groups and/or families.

2) Enabling capital access for entrepreneurs and small businesses through underwriting innovation and/or new delivery methodologies.

3) Developing pathways that support credit-building and/or wealth-creation.

4) Matchmaking individuals and/or families with financial products that best fit their needs.

5) Leveraging technology to deliver financial insights and/or guidance for small business owners.

6) Creating new capacities for families saving for college and higher education.


Through collaboration, we will look for opportunities that allow for mutual learning, provide exposure to resources, networks, and content experts, and offer potential real-world application of shared solutions.

With over 680,000 residents, 50,000 small businesses, and 15,000 municipal employees, entrepreneurs interested in big-picture thinking and broad-based change will find a welcome support system in the City of Boston.

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