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Codename Entrepreneur: Spy Gadgets

Hello Agent Entrepreneur, I’m your new quartermaster, you can call me Q. We have a good amount of new toys developed by some of the finest startups the world has to offer. Study this briefing very carefully, these could save your life in the field. Who knows, maybe you could be like James Bond wouldn’t that be funny?
Bounce Imaging: This is more than just a ball. It’s actually a flexible sensor platform equipped with six cameras facing different directions that sends a video feed directly to your smart-phone. Use that arm of yours and toss it into an underground bunker or an enemy fortress and instantly get a read on any situation.
Vsnap: Even the most novice spy knows that situations change quickly and they change drastically. Because of the high-speed nature of clandestine espionage, it gets difficult to both read and send important mission updates via e-mail or text. Vsnap allows you to instantly record and upload a quick video message to update your superiors on the latest details of your operation.
Strong Arm Technologies: As a field agent, your body is just as important as your mind. At some point, you’re going to have to do some lifting, whether it be rubble after an explosion or a few heavy boxes to build yourself some cover. This Strong Arm Vest will constrain you into a proper ergonomic lifting posture by dispersing the load in a safe way.
Ministry of Supply: It’s simply protocol that a field agent always has to look their professional best. This means that you have to look as sharp as you are when seducing a quarry as you are chasing them across the rooftops of Istanbul. Designed using NASA technology that regulates body temperature, you can go from seduction to high-speed chasing without even breaking a sweat. 
Memory on Hand: This isn’t the Cold War anymore – it’s an age of data and information warfare, Agent Entrepreneur. Because of this, most of your missions will involve computers and files; hacking data and stealing information from enemy databases. It’d be foolish to carry this data in a briefcase, and uploading it onto a USB stick comes the risk of it accidentally falling out of your pocket. Portable, convenient, and to top it all off – stylish, Memory on Hand has graciously provided Mi6 with USB Wristbands to make sure that our data can safely be with you everywhere you go.
Cocomama Foods: Healthy, convenient, and not to mention tasty, these quinoa based cereals are high in protein and low on preparation time. It’s already cooked. Just tear open the pouch, heat it, stir it , and eat up, all without compromising the operation due to lost time.
LittleBonsai: When you’re a spy, charm, wit, and hygiene are definitely more important than whether or not you can pull the trigger on a Walther PPK. LittleBonsai’s ReBrush features a high quality aluminium handle as well as replaceable heads to ensure that you are consistently getting the best brush on your teeth possible. Who knows, maybe the replaceable heads explode after they are disposed of, wouldn’t that be something?
Neumitra: I can’t stress enough how often we’ve had some of our best agents crack under pressure and suffer mental breakdowns right on the field. It is admittedly a very tough job. Wear this biofeedback Bandu watch on your wrist so you can monitor and manage symptoms of acute and chronic stress to empower you to take a step back and breathe before making decisions of national security.
Use these gadgets to go out there and fight the bad guys, Entrepreneur. And remember, try to bring back the equipment in one piece? 
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