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To the Crowd! Four MassChallenge Startups…



Are you a pet owner that regularly experiences anxiety attacks about losing them but doesn’t want to equip them with a bulky and potentially painful tracking-collar? Have no fear, Pip is here! Never lose your pets, wherever you go. Pip is secure, comfortable, and has no monthly fee. Help PetSimpl secure pet safety today


2014 Alum, Amplyus, is on a mission to democratize normally expensive DNA experimentation with their portable and powerful DNA Discovery System. With their MiniPCR device, Ampylus hopes to bolster STEM education by giving students easier access to the miracles of DNA science. Support bringing DNA to the classroom now


2012 Alum, GRIT, is building a wheelchair that gives the disabled their freedom back. With their Adaptive All-Terrain Mobility Machine, the The Freedom Chair is like a mountain bike for your arms. With big success in leveraging freedom in countries such as India, the GRIT team is ready to bring their chair to the US. Ensure freedom and mobility for the disabled by backing GRIT on Kickstarter!  


3D Printing is poised to make a huge impact in the workplace and in classrooms, ushering in a new era of collaboration, invention, and innovation. As easy to use as a traditional printer, NVBOTS wants to make sure no one misses out on this revolution due to clunky and confusing 3D Printing. Support their Fundable campaign now


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