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Data Dive: 5 Years of MassChallenge Startups -…


In anticipation of the announcement of the 128 Finalists for MassChallenge’s 2014 program tomorrow, we took a look at just how quickly each class has recieved benefit from our accelerator. As the graph below demonstrates, the class of 2013 has already raised $65M, nearly double what most previously classes have collectively raised 6-months after the accelerator.


This is certainly an interesting number, and it points to the growing strength of our program. MassChallenge is, after all, only five years old but with each year we are accelerating the pace at which the MassChallenge Finalists recieve tangible benefits. This is even more obvious when you look at the revenue generated by each successive class:


This is due to growing opportunity across all sectors of the innovation economy. Every year, MassChallenge builds on and improves upon its model, fostering an increasingly enthusiastic, supportive, and engaged community of partners, mentors, and more. Since 2010, we’ve nearly tripled in staff (in Boston and around the world), increasing the speed at which we are able to service the unique needs of every entrepreneur that participates in our accelerator.

From growing in global expansion to acquiring more resources to help startups in new and innovative ways (such as launching them to space or providing them with a maker space), startups at MassChallenge continue to accelerate at exponentially increasing speeds. With this kind of momentum that we’re seeing in funding recieved and revenue generated, we can’t wait to see what the 2014 class of startups will accomplish.

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