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A Day in the Life: Interning at PULSE…


Written by Doria Leibowitz, PULSE@ MassChallenge Social Media & Marketing Intern

Imagine walking in on the first day of school, excited yet nervous??and then suddenly, without any warning, your professor announces that in exactly one week from today, youll have the biggest exam of the semester. You suddenly cripple with fear and begin to plan out your study schedule for the next week, trying to figure out when youll learn all the information youll be reviewing from an 8 hr/day class.

My first day working at PULSE brought similar feelings; however, instead of crippling with fear, I chose to embrace the challenges and learning opportunities that were headed my way.

I learned that PULSE Finale, a major event with 700+ attendees (and huge team undertaking) that marked the end of the inaugural 2017 accelerator, featuring a showcase of all 31 startups that participated in the 6 month accelerator program (not to mention a keynote by the Governor Baker!), would be taking place in just a week and there was tons of work to get done.

In just a matter of days, I learned more than I could have possibly imagined in such a brief period of time. And the learning and networking opportunities only grew from there.

During the past two months of my internship, Ive added a whole lot to my resume:

  • During PULSE Finale, I helped train other MassChallenge interns on their registration roles and helped check-in a big portion of the 700+ event attendees.

  • Ive researched data from the entire cohort, and put my findings into an Impact Report to be shared with the digital health and innovation community at large.

  • I established relationships with alumni of the PULSE cohort through interviews and writing their success stories.

  • In addition to writing blog posts and weekly newsletters, I helped manage our social media accounts and learned how to use many helpful tools, including Hootsuite, Hubspot, SharePoint and SurveyGizmo.

  • I sourced hundreds of startups to recruit for next years cohort.

  • I also had the opportunity to engage in many learning external opportunities, including an office visit to Google (check out the below photo) and a networking event at a later stage startup (shoutout to Wellist).

Most importantly, Ive had the opportunity to connect with a hardworking and inspiring team that were always there when I needed them. While I am sad that the summer is coming to a close, I am excited to see what PULSE will become in the near future and I could not be more thankful for such an incredible opportunity.

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