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Desk Hacks for Entrepreneurs 101

Use Your Monitor as Extra Storage Space

The backside of your computer monitor is a perfect, and often unthought of space for storage. This spot is ideal for standard office supplies that are used irregularly and for computer accessories youd like to keep out of the way. These storage solutions are easy, cost-effective, and non-permanent. Consider using sticky hooks and cheap holders which fit the items you want to store away.

Clip In Your Cables

Tried and true, this solution for your mess of wires is probably one of the cleverest fixes out there. Repurposing binder clips as wire holders keeps all your wires untangled, out of the way, and at easy reach. And this solution is cheap too. Chances are youll be able to these clips just lying around. If not, you can pick them up pretty much anywhere for just a couple bucks.

Pin Important Memos at Eye Level

Keep track of all your need to dos and want to dos with this easy solution. Putting memos at eye level keeps them at the front of your mind and off of your desk. Stick all those sticky notes to the wall in front of you or tape big reminders to drop wires near your desk. Anyway you do it, youll be freeing up plenty of desk space and resolving your issues of clutter.

Get Creative With Storage Devices

Repurposing things you already have and dont use as storage containers is probably one of the thriftiest and coolest things you can do to your desk. Try a spice rack for holding odds and ends like tacks, paper clips, or crayons (if you have a fun job), use a dish rack to keep your papers in order, or use your old slinky to hold your pens… just dont tangle it. Possibilities are pretty much endless for this one and if you need some ideas and inspiration, theres always Pinterest.

Take It to the Next Level

Bring your work to new heights by elevating your work station. Lifting your computer off your desk puts you in a better working position and gives you an extra shelf of storage. You can step up your workspace with a homemade version of the elevator if youre crafty or snag one for $12 at Ikea.

Bonus: Active Desk, Active Mind

Introduce a bit more blood flow into your work day and try a standing desk. Standing desks are becoming more and more of a commonality in the workspace and actually have some serious health benefits. According to the New York Times Opinionator, Compared to sitting, standing in one place is hard work. To stand, you have to tense your leg muscles, and engage the muscles of your back and shoulders; while standing, you often shift from leg to leg. All of this burns energy. And for extra bonus points, you could even consider a treadmill desk, to keep you active all day long.

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