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[Interview] A Digital Health Collaboration: How Campbell Soup Teamed Up With Pulse MassChallenge

Josh Anthony Vice President of Global Research and Regulatory Affairs at Campbell Soup Company

In 2017, we welcomed a new Champion partner to our PULSE network: Campbell Soup Company. To learn more about Campbell’s experience, we interviewed Josh Anthony, Campbell’s Vice President of Global Research and Regulatory Affairs and Founding Chief Science Officer at Habit, the personalized nutrition company of which Campbell is the sole investor.

Josh filled us in on why Campbell Soup Company got involved in PULSE and their experience partnering with the digital health startup, Nutrimedy, through this year’s program:

What motivated Campbell Soup Company to get involved in PULSE MassChallenge?

At Campbell we view innovation as an ecosystem and partnerships with startups through accelerators like PULSE can help us to advance our purpose; Real Food that Matters for Life’s Moments, enhance our culture and accelerate growth. MassChallenge has amazing reach into the global innovation ecosystem and with their focus on community and healthcare we felt like they would be a great partner for us as we strive to meet our ultimate goal to be the #1 Health and Well Being Food Company.

How did you decide to partner with Nutrimedy?

For our engagement with PULSE we were looking to partner with a startup that was using technology to make consumers more aware of their nutrition, health and wellbeing needs and inform them how to make positive food choices. Based on that objective, Nutrimedy, a telehealth platform that connects consumers to qualified nutrition experts, was a great fit for us.

Tell us more about the work you are doing together?

Nutrition experts and dietitians at Campbell regularly develop content for our website on various topics in nutrition and health that are top of mind for today’s consumers and health professionals. Nutrimedy is developing newsletters and blogs for clients and dietitians to be viewed on their mobile and web platforms. To expedite development, Nutrimedy will link to content (articles, recipes, handouts) on For Nutrimedy this partnership will accelerate the launch of their content platforms and for Campbell it will drive highly qualified traffic to our websites. We are also exploring some of our brand specific content to Nutrimedy’s more targeted counseling programs and co-development of content in key topic areas.

How do you predict technology will influence nutrition and wellness in the future?

Technology advances are creating disruption in the food industry in both tracking and intervention of nutrition and wellness. Habit is a great example. Consumer facing digital tools allow us to monitor changes in health state real time and help create personalized eating and intervention plans. This information will be seamlessly linked to multiple points of fulfillment to help consumers make better choices and live healthier lives. This could be realized through online grocery carts or restaurant menus tailored for health and food preferences, personalized exercise programs and workplace or other healthcare programs that personalize holistic solutions to optimize mind, body and spirt.


Campbell Soup Company and Nutrimedy exemplify the successful partnerships created through the PULSE MassChallenge program. If you’re interested in learning more about participating as a startup or Champion, email find out how you can join our mission to help entrepreneurs and patients win.

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