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Expert Tips to Improve your Pitch


Don’t Cram in Buzzwords Focus on What Matters

Don’t assault whoever you’re pitching to with every buzzword you can think of. Don’t waste your words! Really explain what’s going on. What is my innovation is a question you have to ask yourself. What is the problem, how are you going to solve that problem and how is it going to provide value to the customer.Often times, investors make choices on whether or not to fund a venture through the lens of viability. 

Display your Passion Remember the A-Ha Moment

Get across your passion, what your drive is. Most people aren’t interested in your entire life story, but they do want to see why you are investing your life into this idea or early-stage company. Think about the parts of your life story that is relevant to your venture.
Go back to that moment when you began to play with your idea, when you realized Woah, I think this could be a business. I could really justify devoting all my time to this.

Are you Oxygen, Jewelry, or Aspirin?

 Businesses can be put into three categories: Oxygen, Jewelry, or Aspirin. Oxygen are products or services need that fundamentally improves lives. Jewelry are businesses that people don’t really need, but are nice to have like a new shirt business or shoe business. And finally, Aspirin-type startups are companies that solve a big problem, like a bandage. Neither one of these categories are necessarily better than another, but you need to pick one category and stay with it. Pick a lane! 

Put a Ding in the Universe

Figure out how your startup is going to shake up the industry. What will make people care? If your startup had a headline, what would it be? It’s part impact and part branding. How can you create a pitch that yields a lasting image for your company?

Remember the Audience

When crafting your pitch, remember to avoid milestones on you. Make your milestones community focused and talk about what benefits your audience. Instead of talking about how your company generated x users, talk about how your product provided x number of solutions for your customers. Focus on how your goals are going to affect your audience or targeted demographic. 

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