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Finalist Interview Series: Ader


Give me the elevator pitch on your company:

We help gaming influencers (streamers, youtubers, etc) collaborate with each other and connect with sponsors.

Tell me a little bit about your background: what did you do previously?

I am a college student and a gamer. I tried making a youtube channel and realized how annoying it was to reach out when collaborating. I also have a lot of experience in advertising, so I understand the untapped Twitch sponsorship market.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you? How did you first get involved?

Entrepreneurship means freedom to me. It means the ability to dictate your future, your wealth, and your impact. I first got involved after taking some time off from college. I was tired of going to class and being bored because I didnt have to work hard to do well.

Where/when did you have that a-ha! moment for envisioning Ader?

I wanted to solve the Adblock problem because Im an active user and I know the effects of Adblock on the free web. After tons of customer interviews I discovered the easiest way to do this is to create direct sponsorship opportunities for gaming influencers, similar to how companies like Grapevine do this for fashion influencers. After speaking with my target audience, I noticed a trend; finding people to collaborate with takes far too long.

What is the pain point youre hoping to solve with Ader?

We want to save time. Right now influencers waste hours trying to find good collaborations, and companies waste hours trying to build relationships with influencers.

Why MassChallenge and what are your goals while being involved in the accelerator?

Why MassChallenge? Because I want my startup to be taken seriously. I love to prove people wrong, and being the earliest stage startup doesnt faze me. I plan on growing my business and providing a real value to an underserved demographic, and MassChallenge makes that easier. The credibility alone does wonders.

What is your greatest strength as an entrepreneur? Weakness?

My greatest strength is my curiousity. Im always asking why? I dont believe in the status quo. My greatest weakness is my organization. My cofounder is great at this and is teaching me.

What do you do to blow off steam when youre taking a break from changing the world?

I game, and teach others to game. I love sharing my knowledge and seeing others improve at TCGs (tradeable card games).

Whats one quality that you think entrepreneurs need to have — and why?

Humility. Your solution is probably wrong; admit it, and find the one that your customers want, not the one you think they should want.

The Startup Showcase was a huge success–what did you think about the event?

It was super fun, and I learned a lot. I think giving a budget for everyone like $30, would be ideal. Otherwise, companies who can afford huge demos have a huge advantage, and you dont get to see which companies are the most creative.

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