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Five Reasons Were Building a Bridge to the Pacific with Microsoft Australia




Five Reasons Were Building a Bridge to the Pacific

  1. Having the friendliest partner in the world

We count Microsoft as one of our awesome startup-friendly partners, not least because of their commitment to entrepreneurship. Its also why were pleased to be able to partner with Microsoft Australia through Bridge to MassChallenge.

  1. A highly supportive government

The Australian governments – including the Federal, and the State Governments of Victoria and South Australia have shown extensive support for entrepreneurs. With the Bridge to MassChallenge partnership, we aim to build on this support by generating high-impact jobs within global economies and creating opportunities for all.

  1. Entrepreneurship with a global mindset

At its core, Bridge to MassChallenge helps foster a global mindset in companies, right from their inception. Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, reinforced this ethos when he said,this tremendous partnership is about connecting and learning from two distinct parts of the world.

  1. Its a step towards achieving our global initiative

At MassChallenge, our goal is to leave a footprint on every populated continent in the world. (Mike LaRhette, President, MassChallenge). Our expansion to Australia will help bring us closer to achieving this goal.

  1. Melbourne has more in common with Boston than you think

It is no coincidence that Daniel Andrews, Victorian Premier, called Melbourne the sister city of Boston. Both cities have a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, with dynamic startups creating innovative solutions in the digital, high tech and biotech industry sectors.

With Bridge to MassChallenge, together with our partners, were creating value and maximizing impact in global economies. Find out more by visiting

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