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Five Startups Impacting Cancer Now

Akrivis Technologies, LLC was founded in 2009 and is committed to the development of product that will improve early detection and treatment of serious human diseases.  Their patented Z-TECT technology will allow cancer detection so early that it will becured easier, faster and with less toxic drugs.
Axios Biosciences is working to discover the next generation of oncology drugs.  This is done through identifying drugs active in the tumor microenvironment and can dramatically affect drug sensitivity. They are using unique technologies to identify promising compounds for primary or metastatic cancers in the bone.
BIOARRAY is fighting breast cancer with a new generation of diagnostic tests.  These tests will provide a patient and their doctor with information they need to make informed and personalized decisions about breast cancer treatment. Bioarryays lead diagnostic will personalize breast cancer treatment by providing a patient and her doctor with the information needed to choose between multiple approved chemotherapy regimens.
Cellanyx Diagnostics is developing a prognostic central lab service for prostate cancer by leveraging lab-on-a-chip technology & novel biomarkers. Cellanyx is offering a predictive, sensitive, and cost effective solution to inform physicians at the radical prostatectomy decision point. Cellanyx’s technology will improve the diagnostic process, increasing patient quality of life – significantly reducing health care costs.
Sextant Therapeutics, Inc. has developed a proprietary technology for pre-clinical research that vastly improves our understanding of how chemotherapy fights cancer and will allow us to develop more effective combinations of existing chemotherapeutic agents to fight the most deadly cancers.  Their technology offers faster, more robust research solutions to analyze tumor signaling and responses to chemotherapy. This enables them to dramatically increase the quality and quantity of crucial information defining a tumors response to chemotherapy.
These startups and more are striving towards a better future for everyone; they are the problem solvers of the future. To see more MassChallenge teams that are making an impact on Healthcare and Life Sciences please click here.   Remember these startups cannot do it alone if you would like to help entrepreneurs win with MassChallenge as a Judge, Mentor, or Volunteer please contact us. If you are working on the next big idea stay tuned to website for updates about 2013 applications which open on February 13th!

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