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Five Startups Making an Impact Around the World

  1. drinkwell Systems (2014)


What Do They Do?

drinkwell uses a micro finance model designed to establish local water businesses in arsenic affected areas. The easy-to-use system provides safe drinking water through the use of a resin-based regenerable adsorbent that can be started or stopped with no real time lag.

Their Impact?

The ability of having clean drinking water, a luxury many of us take for granted, can make all the difference for a better life. drinkwell hopes to leverage profit incentive in order to keep community involvement from project inception to maintenance. With this easy-to-operate system in place, drinkwell hopes to try and stop the ongoing water crisis in Southeast Asia and beyond.

  1. ZanaAfricaGroup (2011)

What Do They Do?


ZanaAfrica Group was created in order to encompass the passions of a non-profit with a business strategy to improve the quality of life for women. ZanaAfrica Group produces sanitary pads for women in Kenya.

Their Impact?

65% of women and girls in Kenya cannot afford pads. The inability to afford sanitary pads causes  many girls to miss over 6 weeks of schooling and valuable work hours. ZanaAfrica Group is looking to stop this trend. By 2020, ZanaAfrica Group hopes to directly support 3 million girls and women looking to win back 5 million school days, 2 million work hours, and $1 million to reinvest in their families.

  1. Vaxess (2012)


What Do They Do?

The company is increasing global vaccine availability using its proprietary silk stabilizations platform. These vaccines are kept in pristine condition to effectively be delivered  throughout both the developed and developing world.

Their Impact?

Every year, vaccine-preventative diseases claim millions of lives because of the inability to adequately keep vaccines at the right temperature. Vexess seeks to eliminate the burden by enabling stable vaccines that can have a global reach. Now, vaccine-preventable disease can be on the path or eradication.

  1. Fluid-Screen (2014)


What Do They Do?

The standard procedure for detecting bacterial infections is an arduous task. Fluid-Screen is a bacterial detection system that produces results within 30 minutes and can be accessible at the palm of your hand.

Their Impact?

The ability to detect bacterial infection at the palm of your hands allows medical care to be less time consuming and more efficient. In underdeveloped areas where medical doctors are in short supply, detection of bacterial infection would be faster, allowing doctors to see and treat more patients.

  1. MoringaConnect (2014)


What Do They Do?

MorginaConnect has developed an extraction system for the Moringa Tree in order to provide a stable system of income and nutrition for local farmers. The Moringa Tree is known locally as the miracle tree, rich in vitamin A, protein, and iron. The oil seeds, rich in antioxidants and moisturizing agents product one of natures finest cosmetic oil.

Their Impact?

MoringaConnect hopes to reimagine the agricultural business in Ghana. The company currently works with 300 farmers in Ghana.


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