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Five Tips to Better Reach Your Twitter Audience

1. Have a picture, or in Twitter-speakan avatar (and were not talking about the blue kind).
Profiles with a branded logo or headshot have an average of 250 followers more than an account without one.  According to Joselin, no one wants to interact with an egg or bird! (Note: Use a consistent photo of 250×250 pixel resolution to insure your brand photo displays clearly on most social media platforms.)
2. Dont be selfish, share the love.
Think of your followers as a new acquaintance at a party.  No one wants to follow a brand that is wholly promotional and self-centered. Mix it up and be creativea picture here, a video there. By sharing content youre building a relationship with your followers that exudes a desire to share mutually beneficial information.
3. Be conversational.
Twitter is a powerful platform for disseminating information relevant to your brand and its followers. But dont forget that Twitter is also social; you need to engage your followers and respond to their praises, questions and even complaints.
4. Identify yourself as an authority.
Each tweet is a chance for you to demonstrate your authority in the area of your expertise.  Sharing information (90% other sources 10% your content), hosting and participating in twitterchats, and tweeting with other respected people in your industry are just three ways you can solidify your authority in your industry.  Also note that since people are always search for people to follow using words like official, founder, speaker, expert, guru or author in your twitter bio makes it easier for people to find you. 
5. Dont be a Debbie Downer.
Followers dont want their timeline to be consumed with negativity. Keep your Twitter presence positive and followers will flock to your ideas. Keep in mind that Twitter is a social platform and an extension of your product/service; display affection for your product/service as well as the people that have chosen to follow your tweets. They will respond in-kind!
Above all, remember to protect your brands image and think twice, post once(Click to Tweet!). Once tweeted, its nearly impossible to remove a tweets footprint since the tweet automatically appears in your followers timeline. Following this mantra will save yourself, and possibly your brand, from an embarrassing apology. 
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