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Fueling Innovation: Beer and Startup Culture


Some companies use beer to recruit or retain employees, others use beer to simply foster a great office environment. At MassChallenge, we like to consider ourselves in the latter camp and a little more! Most of the time, MassChallenge entrepreneurs are heads-down, working on all sorts of solutions to the world’s largest problems. However, every week we bring out the tap and blow off some steam with ice cold beer from our favorite local brewery, Harpoon

Why Beer?

At MassChallenge, we use beer as an innovation nexus. Entrepreneurs from all walks of life participate as startup finalists in our accelerator but they all hold one thing in common: beer. Beer transcends borders and industries and helps our startups find a common ground. From here friendships are formed, leading to the kind of cross-industry and regional innovation that leads to better collaboration and bigger impact. 

Bringing People Together

This culture of collaboration is seen best in our weekly happy hours. With nearly an unlimited supply of beer generously donated by Harpoon Brewery, all 128 startup companies are able to gather and share in their weekly wins. Sharing in success and celebration, the beer allows the entrepreneurs to feel at ease amongst colleagues and ideas start to flow.   

We thrive on Harpoon Brewery”s local flavor at MassChallenge and we’re happy to be part of such an awesome startup culture in the Boston innovation community! 

(Read more about Boston’s startup beer culture via Dennis Keohane in BetaBoston)


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